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Specialist and Faculty Guidance for Reporting Extension Activities in Digital Measures

What should I report as an Extension-related activity?
According to the help text, mark an activity as Engagement-Related if it is a “[collaboration] between universities and their larger communities (local, regional/state, national, global) for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity.” Although this definition can theoretically apply to Extension-Related activities as well, only mark the Extension-Related box if the activity: was part of your Extension appointment; included working with Extension specialists or agents; OR was on behalf of Extension (such as authoring an Extension fact sheet).

If I collaborated with an Extension agent or Extension specialist, who is responsible for reporting?
When agents collaborate with specialists or other faculty, a good rule of thumb is to have the agent report and tag the specialist/faculty. Agents should be more familiar with the Extension-specific data fields and so CSUE will tend to get more information from them.

What are some guidelines for specialists or faculty members who want to report an Extension-related activity themselves?
Faculty/specialists who conduct Extension-related activities are encouraged to report as much Extension-specific information as possible. This includes using the Extension-specific screens for Extension Consultations, Extension Material Distribution, and Extension Impact. When using University-wide screens such as Presentations and Publications & Media, faculty and specialists are encouraged to enter as much information as possible in the Extension section at the bottom of the screen. At a minimum, faculty/specialists are encouraged to check the box at the bottom of the main section in University-wide screens labeled “Extension related” to indicate that a given activity was related to Extension. This will allow CSUE to understand what type of Extension-related work is being conducted by faculty/specialists.

How does CSU Extension use data in Digital Measures?
The system will be used to generate reports for individual staff, supervisors, counties, Planning & Reporting Units (PRUs), USDA-NIFA, and other stakeholders as needed. Although Individual Reports (that cover key activities by an individual staff member) are not currently a formal part of the performance appraisal, they may be used to inform performance appraisals. Once CSUE achieves faculty status, it is likely that reports generated from DM will be used in performance appraisals and promotion decisions.

Can I use DM to help Extension agents find me and my research interests?
Yes! Enter information about your research interests and areas of expertise in the “Scholarly Interests, Skills, Resources” screen. Extension can then run a report to create a spreadsheet of faculty and their areas of expertise.

Where do I go if I have other questions about reporting Extension-related activities?
First look through the resources on CSU Extension’s reporting page. If you still have questions (non-technical), contact Cary Weiner.