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506A Insects and Diseases of Woody Plants

by W. Cranshaw, D. Leatherman, B. Jacobi, and N.Tisserat, Colorado State University Extension; Colorado State University Bulletin no. 506A, 2014, 8 1/2 x 11, spiral-bound, 322 pages.

This publication fully integrates the insects, plant pathogens, abiotic problems and “varmints” associated with trees and shrubs in Colorado and adjacent areas. Arrangement is by plant part (foliage, roots, fruits/flowers, trunks/large limbs, twigs/small limbs) and it includes a diagnostic key by plant part to allow ease of identification. This publication completely revises the previous edition, last compiled in 2000, and contains over 1750 color images.

521A Weeds of Colorado

by Robert Zimdahl, Colorado State University Extension, 521A, 1997, 6 x 9, paperbound, 222 pages.

This publication catalogs 164 different weed species, with drawings and descriptions. It also covers harmful aspects of weeds, cost and classifications, weed control, plants poisonous to livestock and much more.

XCM150 Dependable Landscape Trees

Edited by Sarah Shaub, M.S. and James E. Klett, Ph.D, Colorado State University Extension, Bulletin no. XCM150, 2014, 6 x 9, spiral bound, 248 pages, ISBN 978-1-889143-24-8.

This comprehensive landscape tree guide is the result of 10 to 15 years of performance data compiled from the study of deciduous and evergreen trees grown and evaluated at the CSU Arboretum located at the W.D. Holley Plant Environmental Research Center. In addition to photographs of most of the trees featured in the book, readers will find general characteristics, a summary of the main ornamental features and performance metrics of each tree. The book also contains several appendixes which list the trees by flower color, fruit color, landscape uses, mature size and fall color. This book is a useful and unique resource for the casual gardener as well as an invaluable resource for professionals who run nurseries and landscape companies.

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XCM61 Farm and Ranch Accounting Book

by Colorado State University, XCM61, includes ledger forms, cover sheets and tab dividers, reprint 2017, 8.5 x 14, 3-hole punched.

This accounting book is still a classic for those who prefer to use spread sheets instead of a computer to track farm income and expenses.

XCM185 Forester’s Field Handbook

by Dennis Lynch, Ph.D., professor emeritus, forest sciences, Colorado State University Bulletin no. XCM185, 2005, 5 x 6 pocket-size binder, 350 pages

This publication is a revised edition, first developed for foresters in 1969 as a true field handbook. It’s handy as a quick reference for information forgotten or presents new ideas to stimulate thinking. Each technique mentioned is tested, true and useful. If you are a field forester in the Central Rockies, this handbook is specifically for you. A new section in the back has been added for the Society of American Foresters. Keep this with you always…it’s a foresters best friend.