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The average elevation in the state is above 6,800 feet; high intensity sunlight and generally low humidity, rapid and extreme weather fluctuations and diverse soil conditions all combine to challenge Colorado gardeners. We have the resources to help you be successful. Topics in this section include: Gardening Basics, Diseases, Flowers, Fruits & Vegetables, GardenNotes (Master Gardener Publications), Trees and Shrubs and Yard.

  • Online Resources for Gardening and Landscape
    Combines the following garden and landscape resources in one page: CSU Hort Blog, PlantTalkTM Colorado, Yard and Garden Fact Sheets, and Master Gardener GardenNotes.
  • Northern Colorado Bloom
    Free guide for all things gardening in northern Colorado.
  • Hort Agents and Specialists Blog
    Colorado gardening for everyone! Advice and Observations from your CSU Extension Horticulture Agents and Specialists
  • CSU Annual Flower Trial Garden
    The purpose of the trial program conducted at the Annual Flower Trial Garden is to evaluate the performance of different annual plant cultivars under our unique Rocky Mountain environmental conditions. Click here to see live webcams in the gardens.
  • Grow and Give Colorado Grow & Give was created to address food insecurity in Colorado by connecting backyard and community gardens to food donation sites across the state. Click here to access resources to help you both ‘Grow’ and ‘Give’ part of your garden’s bounty to those in need.


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CSU Extension has several publications for the Colorado gardener. Topics in this section include:

Gardening Basics

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Plant Diseases

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Fruits and vegetables

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Native Plants

Trees & Shrubs

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Hot Topics

inmate gardening
Gardening with Inmates
A pilot project with the Yuma County Jails is combining inmates and gardening this summer. Learn more
pesticide application
Commercial Pesticide Applicators
Commercial Pesticide Applicators Exams Prep Course, offered in Lakewood, in conjunction with CSU Extension agents. Learn more
Japanese Beetle
Japanese Beetle
Japanese beetle adults chew flower blossoms and leaves of many commonly grown plants. Learn more
Ascochyta Leaf Blight of Turf
Ascochyta Leaf Blight of Turf
Ascochyta leaf blight has become a common problem on Kentucky bluegrass lawns in Colorado. Learn more
Aspen and Poplar Leaf Spots
Aspen and Poplar Leaf Spots
To reduce future disease problems, rake up and dispose of leaves and prune out branches with cankers. Learn more
Recognizing Tomato Problems
Recognizing Tomato Problems
To manage pests, identify the source of the problem by assessing the symptoms. Learn more


Yard and Garden Feature Programs

Colorado Master Gardener Program
CSU Extension volunteers trained in horticulture and work out of the local county extension office. Learn more
Native Plant Masters Logo
Native Plant Master
Want to learn more about the plants that grow in nature? Take a Native Plant Master class and get to know the native plants of Colorado. Learn more
Lawncheck Logo
Lawncheck is an on-site, lawn consultation service for a fee. If interested, click “Book a Visit.” Learn more
Lawn Irrigation Self Assessment Audit
Lawn Irrigation Self Assessment Audit
Colorado State University Extension developed the LISA toolkit for homeowners to take action against irrigation practices Learn more
Reliable, timely information on more than 500 horticultural topics, in English and Spanish. Learn more
Colorado Certified Gardener Program
Certified Gardener Badging Program Available Online
The Certified Gardener online program is flexible and allows you to earn badges. Take individual courses or bundle them. Learn more
Plant Select
Plant Select®
Plants chosen for their beauty, resilience, low maintenance and suitability to the Rocky Mountain region. Learn more