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Natural Resources


Forests, rangelands, and aquatic ecosystems throughout Colorado are some of the most diverse and spectacular in the nation. Extension resources range from range, pasture and natural area weed identification and management to conservation guidelines.  Topic areas include Range, Native Plants, Water, Wildfire & Forestry and Wildlife.




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CSU Extension has many publications to help understand and manage natural resources covering range, pasture and natural area weed identification and management to conservation guidelines.  Topic areas include:


Native Plants


Wildfire & Forestry




Hot Topics

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Weed Management for Small Rural Acreages
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Rainwater Collection in Colorado
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Cheatgrass and Wildfire
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Recreation on Private Land
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Natural Resources Feature Programs

Native Plant Masters Logo
Colorado Native Plant Master® Program
Would you like to learn more about the beautiful plants that grow in nature? Take a Native Plant Master class and get to know the plants of Colorado. Visit now
Small Acreage Management Website
Small Acreage Management
Whether new to farming or an old pro, understanding your land and resources is crucial. Visit now
Colorado Environmental Pesticide Education ProgramColorado Environmental Pesticide Education Program
Pesticide safety, pest management, product labeling. Learn more
CO-Burn: Colorado Biochar Use Resource NetworkCO-BURN: Colorado Biochar Use Resource Network
Your source for information surrounding biochar topics in Colorado, including biochar production and usage. Learn more