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Drought and Irrigated wheat variety decisions   arrow

By: Jerry Johnson,
Extension Crop Production Specialist
Scott Haley, Associate Professor
Soil and Crop Sciences

We have recommended irrigated wheat varieties in the wheat variety
decision tree that is in our extension newsletter issue on wheat, on two
web pages, and part of the new issue of the Wheat Grower that is sent to
several thousand wheat producers.

Agents can go to and:

  1. Access the 2001 decision tree (from the variety database page). These
    are our most current “recommendations” relative to which varieties are best
    suited for either irrigated or dryland.
  2. Query the database for irrigation-specific wheat variety trial info,
    either from the single location data summaries, the multiple location
    data summaries page, or the head-to-head comparisons page. All of the 2002
    data are in the single location and head-to-head databases, but they have not
    been included in the multiple location summaries database.

Also note that there is an IP contract program run by AgriPro and
ConAgra to produce the white wheat variety, Platte under contract. They
pay bonus for protein content and I am guessing but think it would run
15-25 cents per bushel. Platte is a sound high yielding white wheat
variety that will stand higher inputs for yields of 100-120 bu/ac.
Interested growers need to contact the nearest AgriPro seed dealer to
get into the program. With the protein bonus, Platte is the economic
variety of choice. It is susceptible to stripe rust (like many others)
and got hit hard in 2001 by the stripe rust epidemic but that is
considered by most to be a very infrequent problem.

Agents are encouraged to CALL or EMAIL Scott Haley and Jerry Johnson if
ANY questions arise.