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eXtension Benefits: Roles, Services and Tools for Every Extension Professional

Serving Cooperative Extension Professionals

Our flagship program, the Impact Collaborative is the main vehicle through which eXtension serves the Cooperative Extension System. eXtension Foundation also provides a national delivery infrastructure for the system.

Search for Information

This service allows you to search the resources provided by your Cooperative Extension Service using a Google Custom Search Engine that includes many of the Cooperative Extension web sites provided by your Land-Grant institutions.

Get Your eXtension ID

To access many areas within eXtension, an eXtension ID is required.

Join Ask an Expert

Ask an Expert is an automated system where the general public asks questions and are routed to an agent or specialist to answer, depending on the topic.

Create and View Online Learning with eXtension Campus

The online campus of eXtension is the knowledge-to-action service that is an integral part of the U.S. Cooperative Extension System.

Join a Community of Practice

What is a Community of Practice?

Communities of Practice are formed when a group of Extension Professionals wants to collaborate across state lines and nation-wide. A current list of eXtension Communities of Practice with a brief description and primary contact is located here.

Horizon Report for Cooperative Extension

Welcome to the first Extension Horizon Report! The report focus on trends, issues, and developments over the next five years (the near “horizon”). A team of 50 Extension professionals dedicated time as a panel to review materials and create the findings of the report. It is our hope that the Report:

  1. Serves as a guide for policy, training, and funding decision making
  2. Creates awareness around key trends, issues, and developments
  3. Increases future thinking in the Cooperative Extension system

Develop Ideas through the Impact Collaborative

A platform for Extension innovators and their collaborators

Designaton One is part of the Impact Collaborative, a multi-phase process designed to enable next-level Extension professionals. Designathon One is specifically focused on the early stages of a project, partnership, or program (or redirecting an existing one). If you are wondering “What can I do about this?” or “Will this work?” then Designathon One is for you!

The Impact Collaborative provides an innovative, structured, and supported process to create measurable local impact through projects and partnerships that address complex issues and leverage the broad resource expertise of the extension system [CES]. Learn more about the Impact Collaborative and its evolution…

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