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Jim Self

Extension Specialist – Soil Test College of Agricultural SciencesDepartment of Soil and Crop Sciences
Work Colorado State University 1120 Campus Delivery A-319 Nat. Environmental Sciences Fort Collins CO 80523-1120 Work Phone: (970) 491-5061 Work Fax: (970) 491-2930 Website:


Soil, Water, and Plant Testing to diagnose for the nutrient needs for agronomic, horticultural, and hemp cropping systems, establishment of native vegetation for remediation purposes, testing for heavy metal contamination in soil. The determination of soil health parameters, testing for water quality and consulting on purification processes, diagnosing soil, plant, and water problems as they relate to over-fertilization, contamination, or management issues.

Community gardening, Vegetable crops, Water – quality, Organic production, Salinity management, Soil management (compaction, tillage), Sustainable agriculture, Drinking water quality, Irrigation water quality, Water test interpretation

North American Proficiency Test Program administered through the Soil Science Society of America, National Forage Testing Association, Manure Analysis Program administered through the Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture

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