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Extension Update – April 20, 2016   arrow

On Behalf of CJ Mucklow:

Congratulations Marisa Bunning!
Marisa Bunning was recently awarded a “Best Teacher Award” by the CSU Alumni office. She was one of 6 people recognized.
Marisa Bunning, (Ph.D. ’07), Food Science and Human Nutrition
College of Health and Human Sciences
Marisa Bunning is an Associate Professor and Food Safety Extension Specialist in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at CSU. Her teaching, research and outreach efforts are focused on improving food safety all along the food chain. Current projects include best practices for growing and handling fruits and vegetables to ensure safety; consumer food preparation practices; and local food system issues. One of her favorite parts of her job is mentoring graduate and undergraduate students in the development and delivery of outreach education materials. She is a collaborator with Colorado Integrated Center of Excellence in Food Safety, the Western Regional Food Safety Training Center, and currently serves as the co-leader of the Animals, People and the Environment concentration in the Colorado School of Public Health. Dr. Bunning is a member of the CSU Extension Food Systems Team and the One Health Food Systems Working Group.

Congratulations to Learning from the Land Team!

For about ten years Extension agents have been part of the Learning from the Land Project. This project was recently recognized by the office of Vice President for Research and they won the “2016 Interdisciplinary Scholarship Award”. Extension personnel that were part of this award are Retta Bruegger, JD Sexton, Bill Ekstrom and Todd Hagenbuch. Other CSU personnel involved include Dr. Maria Fernandez-Gimenez, Dr. Paul Meiman and Dr. James Pritchett. Retired range specialist, Roy Roath, was also part of the team. Congratulations!

Western Region Vacancies

  • Garfield County Agriculture & 4-H Youth Extension Agent position. This position is in the final stages of negotiation.
  • Western Region Agriculture and Business Management Specialist. This position is closed and the search committee is currently scoring applications. Interviews are scheduled on May 11-12.

Perceptions of Health and Environment – Joanne Littlefield.

“Everyday Colorado”, an online, interactive community engagement tool, is investigating the intersection of the environment, public health, and community development. Share stories at, and learn more about the project at

State Extension Administration Office Undergoing Changes

The State Extension Administration Office is in the midst of significant changes as we move towards a more decentralized structure. Remember the “Big Green Arrows”?

  • Interviews for the Assistant Director of Finance are scheduled for May 9. This is Jessica Fuentes’ old position.
  • Lori Bates will soon assume the position of Assistant Director of Human Resources. A replacement for her as Director Swanson’s executive assistant is currently in the final stages.
  • The search for the Assistant Vice President for Engagement is underway ( Whomever is hired will also have the title of Deputy Director for Extension. This may seem like it’s the James Pritchett position but it has significant changes.
  • Judy Barth has begun a multi-year, phased retirement working at .75FTE serving as Director of Operations which will oversee the new positions of Assistant Director of HR and Assistant Director of Finance.

These changes will bring challenges (they always do) but they also bring new opportunities and efficiencies to our organization. Don’t hesitate to contact your Regional Director or Director Swanson if you have questions about these changes.

Timberline Manifesto

A while back you all received a copy of the “Timberline Manifesto”. This was mentioned at the 4-H mega meeting last week in Glenwood. This is a philosophical view of the future of Extension. Not something that’s helps you with your job day to day BUT it is a guide for how we do business in the future. Take a minute and read it.