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Extension Update – August 22, 2018   arrow

On behalf of CJ Mucklow:

New Extension Viticulturist Position
The Colorado Department of Agriculture, the Colorado Association of Viticulture & Enology, and the Colorado Wine Board have all contributed money to have a temporary Viticulture Specialist based in western Colorado, but serving the State. The position has funding for 21 months and is not being funded with current Extension or CSU dollars. I am looking forward to working with this person and serving the budding grape and wine industry in Colorado.

Extension Distinguished Service Award Nominations
A reminder that the Extension Distinguished Service Award Nominations (FA Anderson, Alton Scofield, Team, Diversity) are due to Yvonne Bridgeman by September 17. Nomination information is found here: .

Communications Task Force Meets for the first time
The Director’s Advisory Council asked that a communications task force be formed with representatives from each region and on campus. The intent of this is to look at and review our communication efforts internally with other campus units and outwardly as well. Obviously, this is a huge topic and we are trying to focus on what we might do. We also want to be sure that this group isn’t a blame someone for something, but a positive review of how we can all communicate better. With Joanne Littlefield leaving the committee is less than whole but we will be giving input into that position. BUT we are not the Search Committee for it. See our initial minutes below.

Take a look at communication issues that Extension, AES and the Forest Service have.

Since County/Area Directors typically do monthly reports for County Commissioners, perhaps we could have a standardized format
and they could all be combined for people to look at.
Perhaps in a program like Google Sheets.
These reports would only be as good as the people filling it out. How do we incentivize people to do this?

Take a look at software products that might be a good way of sharing information.
Virginia Tech uses “Slack” – can form groups on it.
“Trello” is used for Task Management

Give recommendations on the job description for Joanne Littlefield’s replacement
CJ will send out list from Retta
CJ will look at what others are using
Kerri will send out the job description Larimer County has for the communications specialist
Elisa will look into software products that may work
Irene will research what products CSU has

*CJ will send out a doodle poll for the next call to discuss these

Western Region Vacancies
Mesa County 4-H Agent. Trent Hollister has taken a position on campus with the state 4-H office. His position is being approved for advertisement now.

TRA Master Gardener Coordinator. Susan Honea has retired. The position is currently being reviewed.

Rio Blanco County Director. Bill Ekstrom is Retiring after 32 years with Extension. We wish Bill the best in this new life chapter. The position in currently being reviewed. Bill’s last day is September 3, 2018.

Eagle County Horticulture and Small Acreage position. This position originally had a failed search and we are on the second round of deciding who to interview this week.

Fair Pictures
Below is a picture of me with two 4H’ers at the Routt County Fair. Their parents were in 4-H when I was the County Director in Routt County!!! I hope all of you involved in fairs have had a good one or will have a good one.
Routt County Fair

Drought and Drought Related Disaster Efforts
Myself, Director Swanson and several others are looking at ways to see what educational needs agents have in these areas and how best to meet them. Nothing has been determined yet but the effort is started. We will also be working with agents from New Mexico, maybe Wyoming and hopefully the Northern Plains Climate Hub. Details to follow soon.