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Extension Update – December 2, 2016   arrow

On behalf of CJ Mucklow:

Tis the Season  

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving and are looking forward to a great holiday later this month. In our family we have a 30 year tradition of going to the forest and getting a tree!  They are never perfect, but it’s always a good family outing!!! Take time to enjoy the holiday! Enjoy a pic of our tree outing!

CAD Meeting

The County and Area Director’s Meeting will be held in Frisco January 23-25.  The agenda is being finalized now.  Main presentations will be Extension’s Role in Emergency Management, New Performance Appraisal System Review, Discussion with College of Liberal Arts, FLSA, Use of Non-Appropriated Accounts, Admin Update, and Strategic Planning by Region to name a few.

A tour of the workings of the Eisenhower Tunnel is in the works but not confirmed. This meeting is designed for Directors but it’s also open to anyone else that has a desire to attend.  Registration and final agenda to be sent out soon.

4H Director Search

The Search for the new 4H Director is underway! Sixteen finalists are being scored and the committee meets December 14 to discuss them. The interview schedule is not finalized but will be the week of January 16th.  The committee still plans on having 1 main interview with the committee and several interviews/discussions with the candidates with 4H state staff, Director Swanson, campus specialists and regional sites too.

Western Region Vacancies

The Tri River Area Entomologist position closed this Monday and 20 people applied. The Search Committee will discuss candidates in December. Bob Hammon will retire effective March 1, 2017.

Archuleta County Director
Roberta Tolan will be resigning effective April 1, 2017 and the position is under final review.


Everyone should have seen the memo regarding the injunction of implementing the Fair Labor Standards Act.  At this time we will not be implementing the new rules but will wait for further direction from CSU HR.

Western Slope Beef Symposium

Our 2nd Annual Western Slope Beef Symposium will be held Monday, December 5 at the Loma Sale Barn near Grand Junction. If you want more information about it please contact me.

Colorado Planning & Reporting System (CPRS) – Jan Carroll

As we close out our programming year, I’m excited to begin drafting the Federal Annual Report.  Please help me by completing your CPRS reports as expected by December 10th.  Reminders:

  • CPRS closes at 10 p.m. on December 31, and any data that are not entered will not be accessible for the Federal Annual Report, or for any other use.
  • One FTE = 200 days for CPRS purposes.  Adjust for part-time appointments.
  • Program questions (“where to I report this?”) direct to your PRU .
  • Technical questions (“How do I find outcomes?) direct to Darrin 970-491-2734;
  • Supervisors do not approve reports – reports just hang in “pending” status until the end of the year, and they roll over on New Year’s Eve to “final” status.  Any reports in “draft” need to be submitted.
  • Your attention to accuracy is important.  Please check your numbers and your spelling before you submit a report.

“Dine In” on Family & Consumer Sciences Day, Dec. 3 – Jan Carroll

The third annual “Dine In” on Family & Consumer Sciences Day on December 3 helps promote the importance and benefits of family mealtime. In 2015, more than 125,000 people committed to preparing and eating a healthy meal together. Learn more about this AAFCS event by clicking here –

New Grant Proposal Submission System – Jana Smilanich-Rose

CSU is moving to a new grant proposal development process/tool effective January 8, 2017.  Attached are 2 documents that we had available at forum, which outline the current process and the changes, and a 2nd sheet with some basic grant management information for post-award.

The new proposal system changes as outlined below:

  • Official record of Proposal – all proposal documents must be uploaded into the new system.
  • Budget Development Tool – the system includes a budget development tool which will include pre-loaded fringe rates.  All budgets must be developed in this tool for submission.
  • Online system will allow real-time budget development with collaborators.
  • Will allow more accurate reporting of proposals and awards by unit each year.

Links to training are in the document.  Online training is being developed and should be available soon!