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Extension Update – July 13, 2016   arrow

On behalf of Bill Nobles:

 President Frank Eastern Colorado Tour:

Just wanted to give you a heads-up that President Frank will be on the road – and visiting the eastern part of Colorado next month. Locations would likely be your offices and I would hope most of you would take part in the Extension related meetings. Tony’s outreach tours will tentatively make stops:

  • Monday, Aug. 22 – Weld County (morning)
  • Monday, Aug. 22 – Morgan County (afternoon)
  • Tuesday, Aug. 23 – Yuma County (morning)
  • Tuesday, Aug. 23 – Washington County (morning)
  • Tuesday, Aug. 23 – Logan County (afternoon)
  • Wednesday, Aug. 24 – Crowley County (morning)
  • Wednesday, Aug. 24 – Otero County (early afternoon)
  • Specific times are TBD; location would likely be at your offices

President Frank will be holding Alumni receptions in Greeley and Fort Morgan on Aug. 22 (lunch/dinner); Yuma and Sterling on Aug. 23 (breakfast/dinner); LaJunta on Aug. 24 (dinner) and Boulder on Aug. 25 (dinner). These aren’t necessarily meals, more the time of day they would occur; for instance “dinner” would be from 5:30-7 p.m. Times for the “lunch” in Greeley and “breakfast” in Yuma are TBD. All locations for these receptions are still pending as well.

In addition, the President will be meeting with various county commissioners along the route. Again, details are pending.

Board of Governors Chair Bill Mosher is scheduled to attend at least some of this tour. Vice President for External Relations Tom Milligan will be travelling with Tony, and Kristi Bohlender, Executive Director of the Alumni Association, will attend all alumni events. Several staff members from CSU Events and Alumni will also provide support.

Adrian Card: The Unsung Heroes of the Agricultural World
Colorado State University Extension – Years with extension: 12
Boulder, Colorado

A great tribute to Ag Extension and especially proud to see Adrian Card spotlighted for Colorado! I know that there are many other Ag agents that deserve such a tribute and I hope this inspires the rest of us to thank them for what they do for Colorado agriculture! Congrats to Adrian and GREAT photo!

Adrian Card

Adrian Card may have earned his master’s in agriculture from Colorado State, but his mediation skills rival those of any diplomat. “My job in Boulder County lies at the intersection of ag and politics,” says Card, whose community is embroiled in conflicts over irrigation management practices, GMOs, and organic-versus-conventional farming. “Right now, we’re dealing with great concern over nonorganic practices on public land,” he adds, referring to plots the government bought in the 1970s to guard against overdevelopment that it leases to farmers.

Recognizing that an informal atmosphere often fosters friendly communication, Card, 44, has begun hosting regular “Farmer Talk Tuesdays” at local microbreweries, where he moderates panels on a slew of agricultural issues. “Adrian tempers the extremes and keeps things balanced and level-headed,” says John Steiner, also a participant in Card’s nine-year-old “Building Farmers” education and mentorship program.

Michael Moss, who raises organic vegetables on government-owned land, consults Card, himself a former farmer, regarding matters even dirtier than politics. “Recently, Adrian met me in my greenhouse and talked for an hour about growing techniques, airflow, and irrigation,” Moss recalls. “Most extension agents are there to answer your questions, but Adrian is proactive and forward thinking”.

FLSA Sessions Available:

For those of you that weren’t able to attend one of the FLSA sessions – please watch the session here:

Please look at the CSU Human Resources website for additional information including the FLSA PowerPoint, FLSA Overtime Cost Estimate Worksheet and resource links with additional information:

CSU Human Resources has a timesheet and overtime form that may be used for non-exempt staff. It can be found under HR Forms and then under the Payroll section.

As we mentioned in our sessions, CSU Human Resources will be rolling out an electronic time reporting system later this summer. They will also be scheduling sessions with additional details regarding processes and procedures for supervisors and employees that will be held in late summer and fall. Stay tuned and we’ll share that information as soon as we have it and as we set up processes/procedures within Extension.

Western Center for Metropolitan Extension and Research Opportunity:

Here is a great opportunity for anyone even if you live and work in rural America. This July 21st webinar, “Competency in the City” will look at the skills and competencies required for Extension personal to be successful serving in large cities and urban areas.  Good food for thought as we develop positions, bring new staff aboard and develop our skills. See below for more detail.

Register now for WCMER’s July webinar to learn about the unique aspects of serving the Extension mission in urban communities.

partners for Competency in the city

Competency in the City
Join us for a webinar on Jul 21, 2016 at 12:00 PM PDT.
Register now!

Complexity and diversity in large cities requires Extension professionals to develop specific competencies. While the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other personal characteristics are similar to those reflected in all geographic settings, influences in the large cities intensify the degree to which personnel apply related competencies such as cultural competence, managing multiple resources, and communication to reach a larger and more diverse audience. In this webinar, Julie Fox will share results of a competency study on the unique aspects of serving the Extension mission in urban communities. As a result of competency identification, Extension leaders can use the findings to improve Extension’s ability to attract, develop, retain, and structure competent talent. Julie will also provide an update from the National Urban Leaders Network (NULN) Professional Development action committee as they work to establish best practices for developing the capacity and competency of urban Extension educators, specialists, and administrators working with multi-stakeholder agendas

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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Update on Annual Forum

If you have any suggestions  please connect with a committee member and share ideas. Committee Members are: Robin Young, Rusty Collins, Trent Hollister, Darrin Goodman, Bill Nobles, Mark Platten, Ragan Adams, Lori Bates, Judy Barth, Christy Fitzpatrick, Yvonne Bridgeman, Marisa Bunning, Mary Ellen Fleming, Sue Harris and Joanne Littlefield.

The first committee meeting included discussion of overall agenda (based on the 2014 schedule) – need time for Association Meetings and Banquets, Administrative Update, PRU meetings, Awards Banquet, Breakout Sessions, and plenary sessions.  Next meeting is Monday, July 25 at 9AM by conference call.

Professional Development Funds and Plans:

Professional development funds are now available for the 2016-2017 fiscal year (July 1 – July 1). Funds must still be requested a minimum of 30 days in advance and can be requested for use at any time during the current fiscal year. $750 is the maximum available to Academic Professionals; $350 is the max available to paraprofessionals and support staff (whether CSU or county hired). Funds are distributed on a first come basis until they are gone. Any requested funds that go unused will be returned to the pool. Click here for the full guidelines.

You must have either a current professional development plan on file OR have completed the professional development portion of the new performance appraisal form with your supervisor. Mid-year performance discussions would be a great time to do the latter; have your supervisor approve the plan and send your RD a copy if you haven’t already. After this year, professional development plans will be updated every year during the performance appraisal process. Paraprofessionals and support staff do not need to complete a plan.

Peaks and Plains Positions:

  • We are in the process of developing a new Small Acreage Management Specialist position with NRCS. They will be joining John Rizza and Jennifer Cook as a team. They will be located more than likely in Cañon City, CO at the NRCS office. We look forward to this venture with NRCS to add an individual in the area of small acreage management with focus on forestry, irrigation, pasture and weed management. The objective is to get someone placed by fall of 2016.
  • Extension Agent-Family and Consumer Science, Pueblo County is under review.
  • The Peaks and Plains Regional Extension Specialist – Range Management position located in Sterling Colorado has been filled by Donald Schoderbek. Originally, he is from San Juan County in north-western New Mexico.  Donald earned his Bachelor of Science in Range Science from New Mexico State University in 2012.  His Master of Science work at the University of Alberta looked at the relationship between grazing, land use change, and soil carbon storage which was in thesis submission.  For fun, Donald enjoys playing the mandolin, as well as woodworking and creating metal art.  He has a side interest in natural history and soils, enjoys prospecting for fossils and collecting license plates.  Donald wife’s name is Madelyn and they have a 1-yr old son, Swen.