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Extension Update – July 13, 2017   arrow

On Behalf of JoAnn Powell:

Greetings all,

Ashley Stokes
Hope your fairs and summer programming are going great. Don’t forget to take some time away and enjoy those people, places, and things that make you happy. Summer ’17 has a limited run; hoping you get your fun and relaxation in. When asked to provide an update on Extension Strategic Planning, Ashley Stokes took her response to a whole new level. Please click here for direct access to Ashley’s update on strategic planning, faculty status for Extension, professional development, and diversity. Also, information for your input to our strategic plan is attached. Thank you Ashley.

And now, for the rest of the news.

Performance Appraisal

The 2016 performance appraisal process is now in the books and raises determined – you will see those increases in your July paycheck.  Initial input to several of the committee members tasked with creating the new PAS form indicate that:

  • Many of you liked the more discussion oriented review process and appreciated the conversations with your supervisor.
  • You appreciated being able to tell the story of your year through the various narratives.
  • That some of you missed the benchmarks and wondered how top performers were identified or if they were just favorites, and
  • Several of you identified duplication either in what you were asked for or what you responded.

To give everyone a chance to weigh in on the PAS and how it can be improve, the PAS committee is developing a survey tool to learn more and share some options with you. Look for that survey sometime next week. Here’s what performance ratings looked like across the three regions:

Region Fully Achieves Expectations (3) Frequently Exceeds Expectations (4) Consistently Surpasses Expectations (5)
Front Range 16 30 8
Peaks and Plains 9 32 8
Western 11 19 5

Overall, there were fewer 5 ratings, a similar number of 4 ratings, and more 3 ratings than in past years.

Salary Administration

This is the second and last year of a pilot to calculate salary increases on a fixed percentage increase plus a fixed dollar amount. The percentage increase for CSUE Admin Pro employees this year was 1.5%. The fixed amount―based on performance ratings and shown below―was added to the percentage increase to arrive at your total July 1 salary increase.

  • Consistently Surpasses Expectations (5) = $1000 (increased from $950 in 2016)
  • Frequently Exceeds Expectations (4) = $500 (increased from $450)
  • Fully Achieves Expectations (3) = $50 (increased from $25)

For example, a $50,000 salary x 1.5% + $500 for a frequently exceeds rating = $1250 increase to base salary. You will see these increases in your July paycheck.

Professional Development Funds

Funds are available again this year and I encourage you to make use of them. Extension program staff can apply for up to $750 and support staff are eligible for up to $350. Funding is awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis until funds are depleted. A current professional development plan―completed as part of your performance appraisal―is required for CSU-funded program staff. Fund requests are generally due 30 days prior to the event or activity being requested. Funds are for conferences, trainings, tutoring, classes, books, and other learning materials and opportunities. Funding requests are funneled through your supervisor to your regional director for approval. Judy Barth is the approver for campus-based staff. Visit with your supervisor or regional director if you have questions.

2018 County/Area Directors’ Meeting

The planning committee (Douglas Dean, Bruce Fickenscher, Michael Fisher, Thaddeus Gourd, Irene Shonle, Glenda Wentworth, JoAnn Powell, and Lori Bates) will meet soon to set dates. If you have any suggestions, we encourage you to share your thoughts with the committee.

Larimer Xeriscape Garden Party
Larimer Xeriscape Garden Party

On June 17, the Larimer County Master Gardeners assisted the City of Fort Collins in hosting the annual Xeriscape Garden Party. This public event builds awareness about xeriscape practices and plant selection for Colorado. Over 400 people attended the party and the Master Gardeners answered questions and gave tours. Pictured is Monya Corns talking about plants for dry sites.

Making the Best Better with Jefferson County 4-H
Jefferson County 4-H
Students at one Jefferson County elementary school find self-improvement is just one of the benefits of being part of their after-school 4-H club. Jeffco Public Schools Multimedia Journalist Jack Maher explains. Click photograph OR click on hyperlink in the paragraph to view YouTube Video.

Metro 2 Mountain Adventure

The Metro 2 Mountain 4-H Adventure was another success! Twenty-eight campers spent two nights, with a theme of CommYOUnity. The first day—in Clear Creek County—included getting-to-know you team builders and an afternoon of fishing, making compasses, and a nature walk at the Muscular Dystrophy Association Camp at Easter Seals.

While in Denver County, we learned about other cultures at the Little Saigon area and played some great STEM games in the park. On Thursday, we did a community service food drive in Arapahoe County, and more STEM activities including exploding a watermelon through the force of rubber bands. Click photograph of watermelon OR click on hyperlink above to view YouTube Video.

In Gilpin County, Keith Worley taught a Preventing Structural Ignition in a Wildfire class. This was a joint training for the public and for our volunteer firefighters. Hardening off structures to prevent ignition in an ember storm is a crucial, but often-overlooked part of defensible space.

Boy jumping on watermelon Nature walk

Friends of Extension
El Paso Friends of Extension (FOX) Tour

The FOX tour was a great success. Advisory board members hosted approximately 760 attendees. The tour featured the Blender Bike and MFSA, as well as other Extension programs in El Paso County. Pictured are Barbara Bates, and Ed & Terese Dills.

El Paso Prairie Dogs 4-H Club
Bake sale
The Prairie Dogs 4-H club in El Paso County made approximately $450 on the sales of muffins, cookies, kettlekorn, jar mixes, etc. They also received $100 in donations. With these funds, they will take their youth to the county fair this summer to let them see what the projects are like. Prairie Dogs is a new start up club in Edison, where 80% are free and reduced lunch. These youth were great, as they handled selling and collecting money. FOX matched the 4-H club sales.

Front Range Searches

  • #11-17 Boulder 4H Extension Agent—Markley Walsh has accepted the position effective July 17. Markley is a former employee as an agent in Weld County from June 2013 to September 2015. Most recently, she has been working as a 4-H Youth Development Agent in Frederick County Extension in Winchester, Virginia. A special thanks to search committee members Robert Franklin, Annette Haas, Brenda Kwang, Kevin Miller, JoAnn Powell (Chair), and Rob Alexander (Boulder County Parks & Open Space) for their time and commitment to filling this position.
  • #12-17 Adams FCS Extension Agent—The committee is in the process of checking references and will gather by phone next week. Interviews will be held August 10 & 11. Search committee includes: JoAnn Powell (Chair), Thaddeus Gourd, Laurel Kubin, and Dave Riggs (Adams County Housing Authority).
  • #13-17 Larimer Director—This position is being advertised with a July 13 deadline. Interviews will be held August 23 & 24. Search committee includes: JoAnn Powell (Chair), Kevin Miller, Alison O’Connor, Lupe Lemos-Sigward, Jean Glowacki, Lew Gaiter (Larimer County Commissioner), Neil Gluckman (Larimer County Government), and Harry Love (Larimer County Advisory Board Chair).
  • #14-17 CSUE Produce Safety Specialist (grant funded, 4-yr term)—Interviews will be held July 18. Search committee includes: JoAnn Powell (Chair), Marisa Bunning, Martha Sullins, Dan Goldhamer, and Steve Bornmann (Colorado Department of Agriculture).
  • #15-17 CSU Volunteer Specialist—This position is being advertised with a July 11 deadline. Search committee includes: JoAnn Powell (Chair), Connie Cecil, Sam Lowry, Kim Morrison, Mary Small, Tami Eggers, Mallory Sikes, and Kelly Seelhoff (Weld County Volunteer).
  • Jefferson Master Gardener Coordinator—Interviews were conducted July 5 for this non-student hourly position. Reference checks are being conducted this week.
  • #__-17 Douglas Director—Annette Shipley resigned, effective June 9. We wish her every success in her new endeavors. Tim Aston is serving as Interim Director at 50% time through the end of the year. Thank you, Tim. We are presently putting together a search committee and hope to advertise soon.
  • #__-17 Douglas 4-H Youth Development/Livestock—We are presently putting together a search committee and hope to advertise soon.