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Extension Update – November 18, 2016   arrow

On behalf of JoAnn Powell.


Next week is Thanksgiving and it gives us time to reflect on what it is that makes life good. From simple acts and everyday pleasures to once in a lifetime experiences, it is important to recognize what and who adds value to our lives and to be sure to do it often. I wish all of you a great holiday and time to do whatever it is that makes your life good.

Reminder: For CSU’s Administrative Professional employees, open benefits enrollment ends November 18 at 11:59 pm. For county staff, please check your timeframe and deadlines for benefits decisions. It is important to meet these deadlines and ensure you have the coverage in place that you choose.

Forum Follow-Ups

It was great to see most all of you at Forum and to share what is going on in the different program areas. Thank you PRU leadership, team leaders and members for leading the way. Please take the opportunity to complete the Forum survey so that your needs can best be met at future Forums.

Thank you Becca Jablonski and Adrian, Todd, Karen, Darrin, and Rusty for exploring research opportunities with CSU grad and undergrad students. The room was crammed and the students were engaged; some students knew Extension, others did not, but their excitement about what Extension does and their interest in working with us to make a difference was evident. I have shared our Extension online directory with student participants as a means of identifying people, areas of interest and geographic locations of our staff. If you get a call from a CSU student looking to partner with you—have a great conversation—it may lead to opportunities for you, them, your community and county. Next year, the plan is to expand to include additional program areas. The PowerPoint presentation is available at

Somehow Pocahontas and I both showed up at the same meeting today and with a huge smile on her face Karen Crumbaker informed me she was mine to keep for the next year and would also serve as my invitation to the CCAA banquet next year. I will be there with auction item in tow. Also heard that this purchase ended up on CJ’s tab—Thanks CJ. She’ll have a prominent location in my office in case any of you want to stop by and visit.

CSU Online Seeks Proposals for Online Course Development Grants

CSU Online, a Division of the Office of Engagement, is seeking grant applications to develop two Extension programs for online delivery. Building on the success of programs like the online Cottage Foods Training and the CSU Extension Certified Gardener program, CSU Online would like to partner with CSU Extension to build programs that address local and/or regional needs while adding value to a broader state and national audience. Two awards of $1,500 each will be granted to chosen applicants who can apply as an individual, team, or PRU. Awards are unrestricted and can be used to support program development efforts (technology, instructors, course materials, travel, etc.). Programs developed through the grant program will be revenue generating opportunities that will allow for a favorable portion (65% after overhead) of revenue delivered back to the applicant’s county, team, or PRU through a 17 account. Interested applicants should fill out the grant proposal form found here: by January 15, 2017. Awards will be announced in early 2017. For additional information please contact Michael Macklin at (970) 491-7583 or

Front Range Vacancies

#23-16 Adams 4-H. Interviews are scheduled for November 28 & 29. Thanks to Keith Maxey for chairing this search and Tom Fey, Thaddeus Gourd, Annette Haas, and Julia Hurdelbrink for serving on the search committee.

#24-16 Jefferson Master Gardener Coordinator. The search committee is currently checking references. Interviews are scheduled for December 2. Thanks to Jacki Paone for chairing and to Barb Donahue (Master Gardener, Jefferson County), Eric Hammond, Elise Lubell (community partner), Patti O’Neal, and Curtis Utley for serving.

#26-16 Douglas 4-H. The search committee is currently scoring applications. Special thanks to Mary Baldwin; Vicky Starkey (Director of Facilities, Fleet, and Emergency Support Services, Douglas County and Extension Liaison); Laura Mooney (Sr. Human Resources Generalist, Douglas County Government); and Sam Lowry for serving; I am chairing.

#22-16 Broomfield Director. Interviews were held 15 & 16; negotiations are underway. Special thanks to Irene Shonle, Annette Haas, Debbie Oldenettel (HHS Director for the City and County of Broomfield), and Chad Pfitzer (Broomfield 4-H parent and former Purdue Extension agent) for serving on this committee; I am chairing this search.

The focus areas for the Adams County Extension family and consumer science agent position are being discussed in the county.

The Douglas County horticulture and small acreage Extension agent vacancy announcement and search committee are under development.

Congratulations, Epsilon Sigma Phi Award Winners

…Rusty Collins, Early Career Service Award
…Irene Shonle, Mid-Career Service Award
…Ruth Willson, Distinguished Career Service Award
…Judy Barth, Continued Excellence Award
…Mark Platten, Continued Diversity/Multicultural-Individual Award
…Horticulture Blog, Team Award
…LuAnn Boyer, Retiree Service Award
…Dr. Barry Braun & the late Dr. Gay Israel, Friend of Extension Award
…Michelle Langston (Weld), Joan Jordan (P&P Region), Valerie Billings (Pueblo County), Adam Smith (Denver), Meritorious Support Service Awards

Congratulations to CSU Extension Award Winners & Retirees

…Irene Shonle, Alton Schofield Award
…Robert Franklin, Diversity Award
…Steve Newman, F.A. Anderson Award
…Cottage Foods & Family Matters Newsletter, Team Award
…Ag Fest, Community Engagement Award
…Jeff Goodwin, Janet Benavente, Akwe Starnes, & Lois Illick, Retirees

Congratulations Association Award Winners:

CCAA: Achievement Award – Robin Young. Distinguished Service Award- Curtis Utley

CAE4-HA: Achievement in Service – Greg Felsen, JoLynn Midcap, and Barbara Shaw. Distinguished Service Award – Barbie Garnett, Trent Hollister, and Amy Kelley. Meritorious Service Award – Julia Hurdelbrink and National Life Member – Kathy Rickart.

CEAFCS: Distinguished Service Award – Kaye Kasza. Continued Excellence Award – Wendy Rice. Friend of CEAFCS – Dr. Barry Braun and the late Gay Israel.

Travel Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that you need to contact Sue Sidinger and Laura Barrera in Fiscal BEFORE you purchase airfare and you must submit a Travel Authorization Form for any out-of-state travel or in state travel by air BEFORE your travel takes place. If your travel has already occurred, please work with Sue to submit any and all paperwork in a timely fashion.

Campus Closures

With the holidays fast approaching, just a reminder that campus will be closed November 24 & 25; December 23, 26-28; January 2; January 16.

County/Area Directors (CAD) Meeting

CAD dates have been changed. CAD will now start on January 23rd (Monday) and end January 25th (Wednesday). CAD will be held at the Holiday Inn in Frisco. The planning committee (Kellie Clark, Rusty Collins, Travis Hoesli, Kurt Jones, CJ Mucklow, Marvin Reynolds, & Dan Schroder) is working on finalizing the agenda and hopes to get registration information out by December.

Professional Development Opportunities

National Urban Extension Leaders (NUEL) National Meeting–December 5-8, 2016. If implementing progressive programs and tailored-to-fit cost recovery methods interests you or if urban Extension does, you are welcome to NUEL’s professionals from cities around the country who collaborate around the unique challenges and opportunities for urban or metropolitan Extension. The National Framework for Urban Extension is also a great resource to learn more about the overall foci taking shape in urban Extension across the country.

Here is a link to register: Contact Rusty Collins to add your name to the list of attendees. All of the business meetings will be located in the Sheraton Denver Downtown. Click here for the meeting agenda. If you plan to join for networking only, please RSVP to Rusty Collins.

National Association of Extension Program & Staff Development Professionals (NAEPSDP)—December 6-8, 2016. Registration deadline for the Sustaining Connections: Reaching New Heights Together conference is November 28. The conference will be held at Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri. Register at:

Veterans to Farmers Blossoming Partnerships in Denver

Veterans to Farmers recently expanded partnership with Colorado State University Extension and Denver Botanic Gardens-Chatfield Farms to offer agriculture-based certificate programs designed to help veterans assimilate effectively while exploring urban farming in Denver. More information is available at:

Out and About

An Adams County Extension Advisory Meeting was held on November 17, 2016. Over 25 people attended this event.

Adams County Advisory Meeting

Diversity Catalyst Team (DCT)

The Diversity Catalyst Team held their bi-annual face-to-face meeting Nov. 1-3. They were hosted by the Grand County Extension team of Travis Hoesli, Lacy Stovner, and Caroline Smith in Kremmling, CO. Eleven DCT members attended this three-day training program provided by the Office of the Vice President for Diversity. The program was led by Ria Vigil, Director of Diversity Education and Training, and Dr. Shannon Archibeque-Engle, Director for Diversity and Retention in the College of Agricultural Sciences.

The training featured the Creating Inclusive Excellence Program (learn more at As part of the training, we delved into bias, micro-aggressions, social identities, and the impact of those on our lives and work. Through paired, group and self-discussion and reflection, each of the 11 participants completed 5 of the 6 sessions in the program, creating an impetus for the future work of DCT.

Diversity Catalyst Meeting Participants
Following the training, DCT members brainstormed then discussed actions to further support inclusivity including:

  • Increasing the membership of the Diversity Catalyst Team. If you are interested in serving Extension as an active member of the team, contact Robert Franklin or Barbara Shaw, DCT co-leaders;
  • Exploring techniques and best practices to attract diverse candidates to and increase the diversity of Extension hires; and
  • Starting a “book club” to explore diversity topics and provide a safe place for inquiry and discussion. The club would meet every other month with participants reading books/articles or watching documentaries/films on a specific topic and then coming together to discuss it. Join us on December 20, 2016 from 8:30 to 10:00 at 970-491-2613 to learn more about being part of the book club.

CSU Employee Study Privilege

For those of you wanting to make use of your CSU Employee Study Privilege, here are some courses/certificates that might be of interest:

  • Non-Profit Administration Graduate Certificate (3 classes to complete) that includes: Nonprofit Program Development (SOWK660) and Nonprofit Financial Development (SOWK661) are new online course within the School of Social Work and are ideal for professionals and graduate-level students who are interested in nonprofit agency planning, program development, and effective organizational management. If your goal is to serve in a leadership capacity within the nonprofit sector, these courses provide a foundation for success. A third class – Volunteer Management, will be added to this series in the Summer of 2017.
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation Certificate (3 classes to complete). This online mediation training, offered by CSU’s School of Social Work, helps you develop conflict resolution skills that can benefit you in a wide variety of professional and personal situations. It can add to your credibility as a professional mediator, if that’s your end goal, but it can also give you skills to better handle everyday situations accompanied by tension, stress, and confrontation.
  • EDAE 664 Assessment and Evaluation in Adult Education. Assessment of learning, evaluation of learning events, and determining the value of the training to the adult learners in the organization.
  • FACS 320 Finance – Personal and Family. Management of income, expenditures, credit, savings, investment, insurance, taxes, and assets considering legislation and economic conditions.
  • LSPA 280A3 Introduction to Spanish for the Professionals. Develop novice-mid level communication skills in Spanish for the professions, in areas such as business, animal health and care, health and medical care, and law enforcement. Basic linguistic skills necessary to communicate about everyday professional tasks. All targeted linguistic forms, communicative activities and assessments are task-based and practical.

For more information on the study privilege, go to:

To see the large variety of courses available to you online, go to:


A few of you have asked for more information on Pocahontas, also lovingly called Pokey by the CCAA membership. Here she is in her place of honor in my office right next to the 4-H bears. Pokey is a clay Native American storyteller figurine. Native Americans did not record their stories but passed them orally to their children and grandchildren. Many of the storyteller figures are created with their mouth open and eyes closed as the Native Americans will sing or chant their stories aloud. Native Americans tell stories about creation, how certain plants and animals came to be, and stories of legends, history, ceremonies or rituals. Most of all, however, the stories told were entertaining and memorable to the audiences who heard them. This guaranteed these stories would be remembered and passed down to the coming generations, who needed to understand who they were, where they had come from, and why the world is the way it is, if they were to survive and prosper in the challenging times that were―and still are―always just ahead. (Information from Sargent Art and Storytelling Traditions of Native Americans by the Teacher Certification.)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.