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Extension Update – October 11, 2017   arrow

On behalf of CJ Mucklow:

Annual Forum

I look forward to seeing all of you at Annual Forum in a week and a half.  Registration closed yesterday.  I would encourage all of you to be members of your respective associations and ESP.

Retirements in Western Region

It is with a sad heart I am announcing the retirement of Karen Massey in Routt County, effective October 31, 2017 and Deb Alpe in Jackson County, effective March 2018.  I have had the pleasure of working with these two individuals for about 20 years. They represent the best of Extension across the State and especially in northwest Colorado.  You will both be missed.  Good luck to Karen as she and her husband Dean sail the ocean blue and to Debbie who is really a desert flower child!!!  I will miss you both.

Western Region Vacancies

San Miguel Basin 4H Coordinator – This recently advertised position was a failed search and we are in the process of revising it and re-advertising.

Routt FCS – with Karen Massey’s retirement this position is under review and I expect it will be advertised later this fall.

Jackson County Director – This position is under review.

Routt County Director – I have asked Todd Hagenbuch to serve as the interim County Director for Routt County.

Iconic Ranch Visits

Once in a great while we all get to go to an iconic ranch.  Yesterday JD Sexton, Todd Hagenbuch and I had the opportunity to go to such a place.  See the attached picture of petroglyphs at this ranch in Moffat County.

Salary Task Force Survey

The Salary Task Force just completed a survey for you.  Please take the time to fill it out as they need to make a recommendation to Director Swanson and DAC on whether we should keep or change our salary increases methodology.

Journal of Extension (JOE)

JOE is a great source of ideas and research results to inform your program design, evaluation, and innovation. Authors come from the Extension system and are writing about ideas you can use. You can always find the current issue and extensive archive at Want new issue alerts? You can subscribe here.