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Extension Update – October 5, 2017   arrow

On Behalf of JoAnn Powell:

Greetings all,

Since this is late, I will keep it short.

Tragedies, natural disasters, and uncertainties around immigration status, belonging, free speech, and what it looks like to be an American, continue to affect our country, communities, individuals, and colleagues. I encourage you to extend extra grace toward others and to look to CSU’s Principles of Community to guide your engagement and ensure Extension is a safe and welcoming place for others regardless of backgrounds and beliefs. I appreciate your efforts.

Extension County/Area Director Conference (C/AD)

Please save January 31, 2017 – February 2, 2018 for the annual Extension C/AD conference. The program will incorporate elements of the new CSU Supervisor Training program; fiscal, human resources, and administrative updates; and skill building for safe and positive interactions (think difficult parents and volunteers), along with some fun and time to catch-up with colleagues. The location has been narrowed down to Denver or Colorado Springs. The conference is open to all Extension employees. Members of your planning committee are: Michael Fisher, Irene Shonle, Glenda Wentworth, Thad Gourd, and Doug Dean.

New School IPM Website

Assefa Gebre-Amlak, Front Range Region Pest Management Specialist, is leading Extension’s work and collaboration with CSU, EPA, and partners to reduce the presence of pests in schools through IPM practices. Check out their new website and connect with Assefa to learn more about the program:

Free Speech and What it Means – November 18 @ 8:30 a.m.

Join Irene Shonle, the Diversity Catalyst team, and members of the CSU Legal Counsel team for a discussion of free speech. What are your rights and the rights of others, and what are the limitations or consequences you need to be aware of?

Join by PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Complete information, resources, and other connection modes are included in the attachment.

Front Range Searches

Here are the searches we have going on. If you are aware of good candidates for these position, please let them or us know. Thanks.

  • Jefferson Master Gardener Coordinator—Bruce Ide accepted this temporary non-student hourly position. Bruce started in August. Join me in welcoming him.
  • Jefferson FLTI Site Coordinator—Kim Massey accepted this temporary non-student hourly position. Kim started in September. Welcome aboard.
  • #13-17 Larimer Extension Director—This search concluded without a hire. We hope to re-advertise soon. New search committee includes: Jean Glowacki, Keeton Ehrig, Kevin Miller, Alison O’Connor, Harry Love (Advisory Board Chair, Larimer County Extension), Jacob Castillo (Economic Development Manager, Larimer County), Lorenda Volker (Assistant County Manager, Larimer County), Lew Gaiter (Commissioner, Larimer County), and JoAnn Powell (chair).
  • #14-17 CSUE Produce Safety Specialist—Roshan Nayak accepted the position, effective August 28. He will be housed in the Jefferson County Extension office. Welcome Roshan. Special thanks to search committee: Marisa Bunning, Martha Sullins, Dan Goldhamer, and Steve Bornmann (Colorado Department of Agriculture), and JoAnn Powell (chair).
  • #22-17 Douglas Extension Director—Interviews will be held November 6 & 7. Search committee includes Tim Aston, Barbara Drake (Deputy County Manager, Douglas County), Brooke Fox (Chief Executive Officer, CALF), Rodger Partridge (Commissioner, Douglas County), Frank Silici (Extension Advisory Chair, Douglas County Extension), Vicky Starkey (Facilities, Fleet and Emergency Services Director, Douglas County), and JoAnn Powell (chair).
  • #23-17 Douglas 4H/Livestock Extension Agent—This position was re-advertised with a September 5 deadline. Interviews will be held October 17 & 18. Search committee includes Tim Aston, Mary Baldwin, Jonathan Vrabec, Connie Cecil, Rhonda Dudeck (4-H Volunteer, Douglas County), Pam Spradlin (Fairboard Chairman, Douglas County), Lara Mooney (Sr. Human Resources Generalist, Douglas County), Vicky Starkey (Facilities, Fleet and Emergency Services Director, Douglas County), and JoAnn Powell (chair).
  • #24-17 CSU Volunteer Specialist—This position was re-advertised with a September 19 deadline. Interviews will be held November 2 & 3.Search committee includes: Jean Glowacki, Connie Cecil, Sam Lowry, Kim Morrison, Mary Small, Tami Eggers, Mallory Sikes, Kelly Seelhoff (Volunteer, Weld County), and JoAnn Powell (chair).
  • #28-17 Adams FCS Extension Agent—This position was re-advertised with an October 3 deadline. Interviews will be held November 30 & December 1. Search committee includes: Thaddeus Gourd, Laurel Kubin, Karen Ojeda (Community Partner, Adams Works Family Transition Services), and JoAnn Powell (chair).
  • Brianna Rockler has resigned, as FCS agent in El Paso County, to follow her husband to Oregon where he is stationed as an Army veterinarian. Brianna has enrolled in a PhD program and is teaching public health. Best wishes to you Brianna. Search preparations are under way.
  • Lisa Sholten has resigned her position as 4-H Youth Development Agent in Jefferson County. Lisa’s husband accepted a position in Durango and Lisa is working as an Assessment Specialist with the Durango School District. Our best to you Lisa. Search preparations are under way.

TimeClock Plus (TCP) Tips & Tricks for Supervisors
Tip #1—Did you know you can view all pending and approved leave requests for your direct reports on just page or two? In TCP Manager:

  • Click on the Tools tab
  • Click on the Request Manager tab
  • Select month
  • Select Calendar tab or List tab

(You can also customize the number of requests you’ll see per calendar day in the Request Manager view.)

Have a good weekend. To my fellow Rockies fans, sorry that “Rocktober” could not last longer.