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Extension Updates – May 28, 2015   arrow

To assure that all of you are kept up to date on a regular basis, the three regional directors and the state Extension Administration Office provides bi-weekly Extension Updates. This forum is for all Extension announcements, so if you have something to distribute, please forward it to Lori Bates with FOR EXTENSION UPDATE noted.

May 28, 2015

On Behalf of Bill Nobles:

Peaks and Plains Regional Meeting

Peaks and Plains Regional Meeting evaluation was just sent out. Please take a minute and fill it out. I want to thank the planning committee for a job well done! Kurt Jones the planning committee chair and members are Kindra Plumb, JoLynn Midcap, Amy Henschen, Sheila Kelley, Michael Fisher, Deb Lester, Robin Young and Christy Fitzpatrick. Click here for Christy’s presentation on benefits so all agents can review if they wish. The other power points and presentations will follow to the Peaks and Plains Region.

The list of volunteers for the 2016 Peaks & Plains Regional Meeting are: Michael Fisher – Chair, Mick Livingston – Co-Chair, Joan Jordan, Dennis Kaan, Chris Shelley, Bruce Fickenscher, Lacey Mann, Jennifer Cooney, Brian Kailey, Dean Oatman, Bill Nobles, and Kurt Jones – Past Chair, and Ex Officio in an advisory role. Thank you for the back row stepping up.

TEM, CSU’s New Electronic Travel Module

As we approach the new fiscal year, we have a new process for travel through CSU Extension. (County reimbursement will not change.) You will need to access to sign your travel documents electronically. Some of you will need to make sure that your county IT department knows this needs to happen. If needed, they may contact Ruth Willson on campus to assist in the technical aspect of allowing this access. One of the main reasons for this change is to be able to expedite the reimbursement process so that you are refunded much quicker than in the past. You will receive more specific instructions soon. In the meantime if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sue Sidinger, Joan Jordan, Kellie Clark or Sonjia Graham.

CSU Hubs: A Regional Partner!

The CSU Hub Proposal: The needs of communities across Colorado are always changing, and the need for services is increasing. Extension helps communities navigate change, connect to research-based information, and expand knowledge through workshops, classes and information. Communities are starting to look to Extension to support requests that require additional support or expertise from the larger university or other community or state partners. To provide support for Extension and communities, and to elevate collaboration across the CSU system, the Office of Engagement has proposed the development of three regional CSU Hubs: Eastern Colorado (Sterling and region), Southern Colorado (Pueblo region), and Western Region (Grand Junction).

The three Hubs would be funded by the CSU system, independent of Extension funds. The proposal is slated to be discussed by the CSU Board of Governors in June 2015. The proposal requests 5 years of committed funding, beginning in the July 1, 2015 fiscal year. The funding proposal focuses on at least 1 full-time position for an engagement coordinator who is locally based and has demonstrated previous community expertise.

If the proposal is approved by the CSU system, Extension Regional Directors will be asking for your input as to how these positions could be an additional resource for your programming and your region. Part of the expectation is that Hubs would connect Extension to additional regional and strategic partners. In this way, any Extension Office could work with any Hub for assistance in reaching into CSU and/or finding connections or partners across Colorado.

Peaks and Plains Vacancies and Hires

  • Extension Program Associate 4-H Youth Development Kit Carson County, Burlington was filled by Scott Stinnett. He starts July 1.
  • Southeast Area Extension Agent (Agriculture/Natural Resources and 4-H Youth Development) Kiowa County, Eads, is in the process of interviewing.
  • ½-time Extension Program Associate 4-H Youth Development Sedgwick County, Julesburg, is being filled by Sedgwick County.
  • Agronomy/Cropping Systems Extension Agent, Logan and Morgan Counties, Sterling and Fort Morgan, CO closes June 18.
  • Area Extension Agent, Weed Science/Agronomy Golden Plains Area (GPA) Sedgwick County, Julesburg, will be advertised.
  • Area Extension Agent (4-H Youth Development), Crowley and Otero Counties, Ordway, CO. Southeast Area is under review.

SARE Mini Grants Available

SARE’s vision is an enduring American agriculture of the highest quality. This agriculture is profitable, protects the nation’s land and water and is a force for a rewarding way of life for farmers and ranchers whose quality products and operations sustain their communities and society.

SARE’s mission is to advance—to the whole of American agriculture—innovations that improve profitability, stewardship and quality of life by investing in groundbreaking research and education.

WSARE is offering up to $2000.00 mini grants for educational programming and training. These grant applications will be reviewed and awarded on a first come basis. There are two types of applications listed below. I have included the Logic Model and Performance Indicators and attached the website to help those interested in determining eligibility. Send your applications to Bill Nobles. If you have any questions please contact me.

CAD and Support Staff Training 2015

County Area Director Meetings and Support Staff Training tentatively scheduled for December 7-10, 2015. The initial stages of planning these programs are being determined. The Support Staff Training committee consist of Kellie Clark, Sonjia Graham, Joan Jordan, Judy Barth and RD’s. Location has yet to be determined.

CAD will be in conjunction with Support Staff Training and we will be looking for county directors to volunteer from the regions in the next month. If you are interested contact your regional director.

Salary Increases

The permanent base salary increase for fiscal year for 2015 are listed below and so far things are looking pretty good, especially considering we only have a university average of 2% to work with.

  • Meets – 1%
  • Exceeds – 2%
  • Exemplary – 2.4%

Congratulations! The AmeriCorps grant has been accepted. Training dates to follow for all those involved.