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Column Checklist   arrow

  • The first few sentences hooks the reader.
  • The reader is told early what he or she needs to know and why.
  • The column is concise and there are no redundancies.
  • The column in objective. There is no opinion included.
  • The ending answers one of the following questions:
    • What does all of this mean?
    • Who should do what?
    • What should you do now?
    • Whose phone should start ringing?
  • The column relates to current news.
  • The column is relevant to your purpose.
  • The language is simple and geared for an 8th grade reading level (average level of newspaper readers).
  • Three-plus syllable words are kept to a minimum.
  • The column is written in a conversational tone.
  • A telephone number and email address are included.
  • A Extension County Web site address (or other appropriate Colorado State University site) is included.

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