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Policy Requiring Credit Lines in the Media

(From Colorado State University Extension Employee Handbook)

All Colorado State University Extension professional staff
members must use their Extension job title in all articles published
in print media and aired or displayed on electronic media including online. This includes
work with newspapers, newsletters, Web pages, list serves, radio and television
stations, and program media distributed to public audiences. The minimum
job title wording will be “Colorado State University Extension
Agent” or “Colorado State University Extension Specialist.”
It is the responsibility of each staff member to provide this information
to the media and to notify media organizations of this requirement. (For
further explanation, see the following guidelines.)

All income derived from media activities shall be reported annually to
the Director through Unit Administrators, in accordance with the Colorado
State University Staff Manual D.8.5., D.8.6, and D.8.7.3.

This policy became effective April 1, 1986, and is applicable to all staff
members thereafter. If there are questions about this policy, please contact
your unit administrator.

Guidelines for Colorado State University Extension Identification
in Media Work, Program Materials

All Colorado State University Extension employees will identify
themselves as Colorado State University Extension employees
when providing information to the mass media, to other controlled media,
such as agency newsletters, and in Extension program materials
that are distributed to the public. It also is appropriate that Colorado
State University Extension be identified on the letterhead used
to send material to media.

It is important for Colorado State University Extension employees
to continuously do this for several reasons.

— As representatives of a print or electronic medium, such as a newspaper
or radio station, reporters have a responsibility to readers of that medium
to provide information about the source of the material; this is what gives
the story credibility. It is advantageous to the Extension employee
to stress where the information came from in order to make him/herself a
“credible source” as opposed to someone else who could provide the same
information but without the resource/research backing of Colorado State
University and Extension information.

— Colorado State University Extension has for many, many
years been providing credible information and educational programs without
getting any credit for this work. Because we live in a competitive world,
we need to make sure that recipients of our information and programs now
continuously know where this information comes from. We need the credit
we deserve. Therefore, it is important that every Extension
employee give credit to Colorado State University Extension
to allow readers, participants, viewers, callers and others to see the good
work that we do; it will project a favorable image and hopefully insure
that some of these programs will be in demand enough to be around in the
years to come.

— Extension is an integral part of Colorado State University;
use of Colorado State University Extension together show that
this is true.

— Colorado State University Extension is one organization
and not individual county or department Extension organizations.

— 4-H is a program component of Extension and should be identified
as such; identification with Colorado State University Extension
on all media and program materials will help show people where the program
comes from and reflect a favorable image on Colorado State University Extension.

Whenever you use the word “Extension” it should be proceeded with the words
“Colorado State University”–this is our unique attribute–we
are not CU Extension or University of Denver Extension Credit Courses, we
are Colorado State University Extension.

Suggested Media Identification (Print Media)

Since the correct titles are “Colorado State University Extension
Agent” and “Colorado State University Extension Specialist,”
the following identifications are suggested:

… said Marilyn Jackson, Colorado State University Extension
family and consumer science agent, Weld County.

… The Colorado State University Extension office in Boulder

… For more information, contact the Colorado State University Extension office in Grand County.

… said Frank Blevins, Colorado State University Extension
agronomy specialist.

… according to Nancy Smith, food and nutrition specialist with Colorado
State University Extension.

… noted Wilma Jones, Colorado State University Extension
agent in Fremont County.

Second and additional references to title should be:

… Colorado State Extension specialist (drop University) or

… refer to the person by his or her last name with no title reference.

Suggested Media Identification (Electronic Media)

… This is William McKenna, Colorado State University Extension
agent in LaPlata County, talking to you about…

… Colorado State University Extension Specialist, John Black,
is with us today to…

… This has been a service of the Colorado State University Extension office in Larimer County. Contact us at (address)…

Suggested Byline Format

Craig Brown, Colorado State University Extension, Logan County

Maria Valdez, Colorado State University Extension textiles
and clothing agent, Tri River Area

Mike Anderson, horticulture specialist, Colorado State University Extension


Mike Anderson, Colorado State University Extension horticulture