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Press Release Checklist   arrow

  • The story begins with news.
  • Short familiar words have been used.
  • The press release is newsworthy, i.e.:
    • Timely
    • Important
    • Prominent
    • Proximal
    • Odd
  • The story does not contain over-explanation or hard to understand scientific terminology.
  • It is written to an eighth grade reading level (the average reading ability of newspaper audiences).
  • Short sentences and short paragraphs have been used.
  • Colorful, descriptive and active verbs have been used.
  • Unnecessary words (especially adverbs and adjectives) have been eliminated.
  • The press release is precise.
  • No statements of opinion have been included.
  • Relatively simple sentences have been used with active word order (subject, verb, direct object).
  • The first paragraph is specific and concise.
  • The story’s most unusual or unexpected developments have been emphasized.
  • The story’s most interesting or important developments have been emphasized close to the top of the story.
  • The story’s magnitude and impact on readers has been emphasized close to the top of the story.
  • Complete sentences and the proper tenses have been used.
  • I have proofread the story and double-checked the facts and spelling of names.
  • At least one other person (preferably someone not familiar with the topic) has proofread the story.
  • Contact information has been included with the press release along with a list of available photos, graphs, or artwork.
  • County Website address has been included.
  • Visual (photo) opportunities have been noted on the press release.

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