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How to Achieve More With Your Time   arrow

By using Time Management you can learn to:

  • Determine which of the tings you are do are important, and which can be dropped.
  • Use your time in the most effective way possible.
  • Increase the time in which you can work.
  • Control the distractions that waste your time and break your flow.
  • Increase your effectiveness and reduce stress.

The Tools of Time Management are:

  • Evaluating your use of time
  • Setting priorities and then focusing on them (Create a To Do list)
  • Planning for effective use of time
    • Setting goals
    • Creating an Activity Log
    • Adjusting your schedule to your energy levels
  • Using time more effectively
    • Don’t procrastinate!
  • Creating more time
    • Delegating
    • Avoiding distraction

Shift your focus by:

  • Concentrating on results, not on being busy. Ask yourself: Am I just keeping busy or am I getting results?
  • Concentrating on the 80/20 rule: 80% of what we do should occupy 20% of our time and vice versa. Do what matters!

Becoming more effective helps to reduce stress by:

  • Being more in control of what you do.
  • Being productive and secure in your job.
  • Enjoying what you do.
  • Giving yourself more quality time to relax and enjoy life outside of work.

People often don’t manage their time because:

  • They don’t know about it.
  • They are too lazy to plan.
  • They enjoy the adrenaline rush of meeting tight deadlines.
  • They enjoy crisis management.