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How Wisely Do You Manage Your Time?   arrow

  1. Do you write “To-Do” lists?
  2. Do you prioritize your “To-Do” list according to which items have the highest payoff for you?
  3. Do you finish all of the items on your “To-do” list?
  4. Do you update, in writing, your professional and personal goals?
  5. Is your desk clean and organized?
  6. Do you put everything in its place?
  7. Do you effectively deal with interruptions?
  8. Can you easily find items in your files?
  9. Are you assertive?
  10. Do you allow yourself quiet time during which you can work undisturbed?
  11. Do you deal effectively with long-winded callers?
  12. Do you focus on preventing problems?
  13. Do you make the best use of your time?
  14. Do you meet deadlines with time to spare?
  15. Are you on time to work, to meetings, and to events?
  16. Do you delegate well?
  17. Do subordinates cooperate enthusiastically on projects you assign them?
  18. When you are interrupted, do you you return to your work without losing momentum?
  19. Do you do something every day to move you closer to your long-range goals?
  20. Can you relax during your free time without worrying about work?
  21. Do you do your most important work during your peak energy hours?
  22. Do people know the best times to reach you?
  23. Can others carry on most of your responsibilities if you are absent from work?
  24. Do you begin and finish projects on time?
  25. Do you handle each piece of paperwork only once?