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Top 15 Time Wasters   arrow

Based on the experience of managers in 15 countries.

  1. Telephone interruptions
  2. Visitors dropping in without appointments
  3. Meetings – both scheduled and unscheduled
  4. Crisis situations for which no plans were possible
  5. Lack of objectives, priorities and deadlines
  6. Cluttered desks and personal disorganization
  7. Involvement in routine and detail that should be delegated to others
  8. Attempting too much at once and underestimating the amount of time needed to do it
  9. Failure to set up clear lines of responsibility and authority
  10. Inadequate, inaccurate, or delayed information from others
  11. Indecision and procrastination
  12. Lack of or unclear communication and instruction
  13. Inability to say “no”
  14. Lack of standards and progress reports that enable managers to keep track of developments
  15. Fatigue