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Ways You Can Save Time   arrow

Here are some timesaving suggestions:

  1. Try to find a new technique every day that will help you save time.
  2. Plan your schedule first thing in the morning to set priorities for the day. Make a list and mark off important items first.
  3. Have a light lunch so you don’t get sleepy in the afternoon.
  4. Save up trivial matters for a three-hour session once a month.
  5. Consult your list of lifetime goals once a month. Revise them if necessary. Identify activities that you can do each day to further your goals.
  6. Carry bland 3×5 index cards to jot down notes and ideas.
  7. Delegate everything you possibly can to others. Use specialist to help with special problems.
  8. Generate as little paper work as possible. Throw away nonessential papers as soon as you’ve read them.
  9. Try not to work on weekends.
  10. Give yourself time off as a special reward when you’ve accomplished special tasks.
  11. Concentrate your efforts on only one thing at a time.
  12. Start with the most profitable parts of big projects.
  13. Focus on projects that you are convinced will provide you with the greatest long-term benefits.
  14. Try to handle each piece of paper only once. Answer most letters right on the letter itself.
  15. Skim books quickly, looking for ideas.
  16. Examine old habits for possible streamlining.
  17. Put “waiting time” to good use: Relax, or do something you wouldn’t have otherwise done.
  18. Don’t waste time regretting failures, or feeling guilty about what you don’t get done.
  19. Remind yourself: “There is always enough time for the important things.”