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Below is a brief description of policies implemented by the State of Colorado and Colorado State University Business and Financial Services for all travelers who are paid with state funds. This page contains links to additional travel policies. Please read these documents carefully and address any specific questions to the Extension fiscal office (970) 491-7950.


  • TA (travel authorization) forms must be submitted prior to any out-of-state or airfare travel
  • Use a state-approved travel agency to purchase tickets unless following the procedure below for purchasing on-line airfare
  • TR (travel reimbursement) forms must be submitted within 30 days of trip end date
  • Mileage rate reimbursement for your personal car used for Extension business for the calendar year 2017 is $0.48
  • Use odometer readings or Mapquest for mileage
  • Single-day travel (start and end on the same day) is not eligible for meal reimbursement
  • Meal reimbursements are allowed for actual cost of meals up to the maximum allowable per diem rate without submitting receipts
  • First and last day of travel are reimbursed at 75% per diem rate no matter what time the travel begins or ends

Internet airfare purchase policy

  • A TA needs to be submitted to the fiscal office prior to the purchase of airline tickets
  • A savings or convenience advantage over the state contracted fare must be documented by an e-mail from a state-approved travel agency
  • A printed itinerary and proof of payment must be submitted for reimbursement
  • Note the cautions about cancelations, schedule changes, and use of auction-based vendors where itineraries are not determined prior to ticket purchase

Pocket Guide for Travel

CSU Quick Reference Guide to University Travel

State of Colorado Per Diem Rates