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Family, Home and Consumer


From the homes we live in and the work that we do to our families and other relationships, you’ll find Extension resources to help you navigate issues, concerns and needs.. Whether you have a question about health, financial literacy, energy efficiency, elder or child-care issues, you’ll find the latest, most accurate data. Topics include: Energy, Family – Kids, Elderly and Relationships, Finances & Work, and Housing.



  • CSU Energizer Newsletter
    Updates on CSU Extension energy work and its context in Colorado.
  • Family Matters
    The Family Matters newsletter includes a feature article on parenting issues and information on health, physical activity, nutrition and child safety.
  • Just in Time Parenting
    Newsletters written by parenting experts (who are parents themselves!). They are designed so that information that’s relevant to your child is automatically delivered to you just in time!.


CSU Extension has many publications dealing with the Home, family & finances. Topics in this section include:


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Personal Finances

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Work & Career

Hot Topics

Hot Topics

Making Fresh Salsa and Chips with Kids
Making Fresh Salsa and Chips with Kids – a fun way to serve vegetables!
Vegetables provide a variety of vitamins, minerals, and fiber that give us many health benefits. Learn more
When summer ends and stores advertise their back-to-school sales, children and some parents can feel anxious. Learn more
Grandparents: As Parents
Grandparents: As Parents
Today’s grandparent is more involved in “kinship care” than ever before. Learn more
Renting: Security Deposits
Renting: Security Deposits
A security deposit (damage deposit) often is required by a landlord from a renter to cover possible damages to rental property. Learn more


Home, Family & Finances Feature Programs

Family Financial Stability
Family Financial Stability
Understanding your finances can be a difficult endeavor. Below are resources to help navigate through many aspects associated with personal finances. Learn more
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Online support for grandparents is just a click away providing useful resources and reliable, current information for grandparents that have taken on the role as primary caregiver for their grandchildren. Learn more
Colorado Family Deadership Training Institute
Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI) of Colorado
Program participants spend more than 120 hours in a civic leadership training program to develop the skills needed to become effective leaders and create positive and lasting change for children, youth, families, and our Colorado communities. Learn more
Small Steps to Health & Wealth
Small Steps to Health and Wealth
Motivates consumers to change their behavior simultaneously improving their health and personal finances. Learn more


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