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2020 Internships   arrow

  1. Addressing the Impacts of Wildfire on Water Resources
    Mentors: John Sanderson, Rob Addington, Kerri Rollins, Mark Platten
    Location(s): Northern Front Range

  2. Characterizing Melon Quality
    Mentors: Sastry Jayant, Michael Bartolo, Marvin Reynolds
    Location(s): San Luis Valley and Rocky Ford Research Centers

  3. Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program
    Mentor: Susan Baker
    Location: Front Range

  4. Reducing Wildfire Risk to Colorado Homeowners
    Mentors: Jude Bayham, Robin Young
    Location(s): Throughout Colorado in communities partnering with the Wildfire Research (WiRe) Team: Grand, Montezuma, La Plata, Archuleta, Delta, Gunnison, Montrose, Ouray, San Miguel

  5. Ute Learning and Ethnobotany Garden
    Mentor: Susan Carter, Doreen Martinez
    Location: Grand Junction, Colorado

  6. Community Asset Mapping
    Mentors: Jenia Hooper, Merielle Stamm and Cary Weiner
    Location: Denver

  7. Building the Civic Capacity of Colorado Communities for Community Driven Change
    Mentors: Patti Schmitt, David MacPhee, Paula Yuma
    Location: Fort Collins (with limited travel around the state)

  8. T.R.A.C. – Total Ranch Analysis for Colorado
    Mentors: Ryan D. Rhoades, Logan Hoffman, Bruce Fickenscher, Travis Taylor, Todd Hagenbuch
    Location: Fort Collins with statewide ranch visits

  9. Quantifying Weed Management and Water Usage by Diversified Vegetable Farming Operations in Colorado for Stakeholders and Policy Makers
    Mentors: Mark Uchanski, Adrian Card
    Location: Longmont, CO (Boulder County)

  10. Wild Horse History and Management
    Mentors: Leisl Carr Chiders, Retta Brugger, Dessa Watson, Linda Masters
    Locations: Fort Collins with some travel to Grand Junction and Meeker

  11. Holistic Grazing Business Model
    Mentors: Robin Young, Paul Evangelista, Ethan Proud
    Location: Archuleta County

  12. Integrated pest management strategies in organic sweet corn
    Mentors: Frank Stonaker, Whitney Cranshaw, Meredith Shrader
    Location: Organic Agriculture Research Station at Rogers Mesa, Hotchkiss  

  13. Understanding historical and future development in Denver
    Mentors: Greg Dickinson, Dan Goldhamer, Erika Sandoval
    Location: Denver

  14. Produce Safety
    Mentors: Cristy Dice, Martha Sullins, Marisa Bunning, Jeannine Riess
    Location: Front Range (with opportunity for statewide travel)

  15. Designing horticulture education curriculum
    Mentors: Abi Saeed, Kellie Enns
    Location: Garfield County

  16. Strengthening collaboration around wildfire mitigation
    Mentors: Libby Christensen, Seth Davis
    Location: Routt County

  17. Long-Term Viability and Health Assessment for small-scale, direct-market producers in SW Colorado
    Mentors: Darrin Parmenter, Becca Jablonski
    Location: La Plata and Montezuma counties

  18. Greenhouse – Environmental Control System Interactive Videos
    Mentors: Joshua Craver, John Stolzle, Brian Kailey
    Location: Fort Collins, Jefferson and Logan Counties

  19. Applied research in vegetable production: variety trials and produce safety
    Mentors: Seth Urbanowitz, Amanda McQuade, Martha Sullins, Marisa Bunning
    Location: Tri River Area (Grand Junction)

  20. Designing and delivering youth agricultural education programs
    Mentors: Dennis Kaan, Mike Martin, Sam Lowry
    Location: Golden Plains Area

  21. On-farm applied wheat research and extension
    Mentors: Wilma Trujilo, Jerry Johnson, Sally Jones-Diamond
    Location: Northeast Colorado (Weld, Morgan, Washington, and Logan counties)

  22. Industrial Hemp Production Systems
    Mentors: Kathleen Russell, Greg Felsen, Gus Westerman, Mark Uchanski
    Location: Southwestern Colorado Research Center, Yellow Jacket, CO

  23. Evaluating youth education programming
    Mentors: Merielle Stamm, Jenia Hooper, Mike Martin, Jean Glowacki , Wade Ingle
    Location: Denver

  24. Pollinator Citizen Science Outreach
    Mentors: Lisa Mason, Tim Aston, Boris Kondratieff, Jill Zarletsky
    Location: Arapahoe County, and Fort Collins

  25. Evaluating yield and quality of cool-season grain legumes in western Colorado
    Mentor:Reza Keshavarz, Mark Uchanski, Henry Thompson, Seth Urbanowitz
    Location: Western Colorado Research Center-Fruita

  26. Organic codling moth management project
    Mentors:Frank Stonaker, Whitney Cranshaw, Meredith Shrader
    Location: Organic Agriculture Research Station at Rogers Mesa, Hotchkiss  

  27. Ranch Financial Benchmarking and Education
    Mentors: Daniel Mooney, Logan Hoffman, Jenny Biermann
    Location: Fort Collins, CO (with opportunity for travel)

  28. Planning Implementing and Evaluating Youth Programming with Buckley Air Force Base and the CO National Guard
    Mentors: Claudia Meeks, Tim Aston, Frederique Grim
    Location: Arapahoe County

  29. Social and environmental dimensions of prison agriculture
    Mentors: Josh Sbicca, Brian Kailey, Kurt Jones
    Location: Fort Collins, Chaffee, Logan and Freemont Counties

  30. Ecosystem Stewardship and Adaptive Management on Western Ranches
    Mentors: Robin Young, Paul Evangelista
    Location: Archuleta County

  31. Designing new, more effective education materials for Range Management and Soil Health
    Mentors: Annie Overlin, Kevin Jablonski
    Location: Fort Collins (with travel to Peaks and Plains Region)

  32. Low-Cost Soil Moisture Sensing and Database Integration
    Mentors: Allan Andales, Reagan Waskom, Jay Ham, Ansley Brown, Joel Schneekloth
    Location: Fort Collins, CO

  33. Available to first and second year Vet students only
    Please apply on JobX which has just now become The Career Center
    Please direct any questions related to Vet Med internships to Ragan Adams