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Established 1908

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Extension Faculty Information
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Employee Resources

State Office Contact List by Activity
TimeClock Plus (TCP)

Off-campus employees can only access TCP through Once logged in, select Administrative Applications and Resources (AAR) from the Web Bookmarks section. Select TimeClock Plus under Application Systems list.

Training materials, including documents with screenshots, and narrated demonstration videos and full recordings of live training sessions are available on the CSU Human Resources website at

TimeClock Plus (TCP) Info Sheet
CSU Extension Compensatory Time Off Policy
Payroll Processing Schedules
          Leaves and Payroll Dates
Employment/Hiring Information
Benefits Summary – Benefits available to CSU Employees (and those benefits that are Fort Collins based)
CSU Extension Hiring Procedures
Employee Handbook
Employee Self-Service (ESS) – This web-based resource provides access to certain aspects of your employment/benefits information to update and view
Insurance Issues for Extension
Job Descriptions – Current Employees
          Job Description Forms
          Job Description Template
          Completed Job Descriptions
New Staff Orientation – Login for Online Course
Hourly Hiring Procedures
          Non-Student Hourly Hiring Guidelines & Process
          Student Hourly Hiring Guidelines & Process
          Student Hourly Position Description Template
Performance Appraisal System (PAS)
Professional Development Documents and Resources
Talent Management System (TMS )- Vacant Positions
          Position Description Template – January 2020
          Position Description Guidelines – January 2020
Miscellaneous Resources
Association Information
Advisory Committee Resources
Diversity Resources
Glossary of Legal Issues and Terms
Insurance and Risk Management
          CSU Insurance Coverage for Employees and Volunteers
          Insurance Made Easy Recorded Session
          Insurance Made Easy PowerPoint
Library Research Resources Guide
Miscellaneous Policies for Extension
Protection of Minors
Ordering Employee/Marketing Supplies
Name Badges
          How to Order
Business Cards, Letterhead, and Envelopes
          How to Order Business Cards
Professional Development
Professional Development Webinars – contact the Tech Unit for the password.
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Fact Sheet/Publication Resources

Our new online Fact Sheet Review and Production Process is now available. Please click here to start.
Fact Sheet Process
So You Want to Create a Fact Sheet?
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Financial Resources

State Office Contact List by Activity
Kuali How To Training Dates
Clothing as Taxable Income Reporting Form
4-H Money Matters Reference Guide Across Account Types
Accounting 101
Helpful Links and References
Object Code Quick Reference List
Budgeting/Funding Opportunities
Cost Recovery and Fee Guidelines – Revised
County Annual Budget Template
Event Budget Template
CSU Financial System How Tos
“Move to Electronic Processing – explanation document, timeline


Disbursement Voucher How To – paying an invoices $5000 or less with no signed contract required
P-Card Reallocation procedure How To – upload receipts, and reallocate p-card charges to the correct account/obj. codes
Requisition How To – for purchases over $5000 and any purchases/services that require a signed contract
Shop Catalog Ordering – to order office supplies, furniture, etc. through the Kuali punch-out vendor system


Cash Receipt (deposit) How To – to deposit revenues on-campus

   Journal Entries – corrections:

General Error Correction How To – to correct account numbers, obj. codes and dollar amounts
Intra-Account Adjustment How To – to correct between sub-accounts ONLY
Deposit Form
Hospitality Form
Independent Contractor Determination Form
Payment Request Form (Excel)
Travel Forms and Procedure
Grant Application Process
Grant Pre/Post Award Flow
Grant Post-Award Management Basics
Formula Funded Position – Increase Methodology
Fiscal Policies & Procedures
Indirect Cost Sharing Policy
Local Non-Appropriated Acct Quick Overview
PRU Leaders’ Supplemental Funding
Salary Savings Policy
Moving Reimbursement Information
Moving Reimbursement Packet for Extension
          Moving Guidelines
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Program Planning and Reporting

Digital Measures

CSU Extension has changed reporting systems and is now using Digital Measures for reporting your Extension program efforts. DM is referred to as FSAS (Faculty/Staff Activity System) here at CSU. If you are unable to log into DM/FSAS, please contact for assistance.

Digital Measures / FSAS Resources
DM Login and CSU FSAS Resources
Extension Program Planning and Reporting Information
DM Training Resources
Need Help?
Program Leadership Team (PLT)
PLT Goals and PRU Responsibilities
List of PRU’s and Who’s Who
Next Scheduled Meeting
          Agenda for Upcoming Meeting
PLT Meeting Notes
PRU Leaders’ Supplemental Funding
Federal Plans of Work and Reports
Federal Reports


If you need to access your old data in CPRS, you may do so here:

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