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Statement of Purpose:

Approximately two years ago, it was brought to our attention in a DAC meeting that there may be an opportunity for Extension to become Faculty. We formed a small subcommittee and sent out a survey to determine the interest within Extension. Sixty-eight staff responded to the survey and 85% said they thought it was a good idea to pursue, or felt like we should gather more information.

That led us to develop a much larger committee including staff from most PRUs and responsibility levels. We spent the next year gathering information from other Extension sites who had similar programs to what we were proposing as well as meetings with Faculty Council members and the Provost at CSU. We were also waiting on the outcome of the CSU Adjunct Faculty who submitted to become Faculty and were approved in late spring of 2018. This allows us to move forward and create our own proposal.

The following sections lay out the process and documents we used to come up with our draft proposal. There is an FAQ page to answer most of the questions you might have about going forward, but it may not cover things we haven’t thought of. We are aware that we don’t have all the answers and can’t know the unintended consequences of implementing this, assuming CSU approves our proposal. Once we have our regional zoom sessions and get through Forum, we will put together a zoom session with staff from other states who have implemented a similar process and hopefully get a look into our actions so we can avoid any pitfalls.

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2017 Survey

View results of the 2017 survey

Research Documents

Draft Proposal

View the Draft Proposal (Updated 09/27/2018)


Link to the FAQ list (Updated 09/27/2018)

Upcoming Regional Zoom Meetings

Note: You can attend any session, but we suggest attending your regional session

    1. Front Range – September 27 (1:00 – 3:00 PM)
      Watch the recording of the 09/27/2018 webinar
    2. Western Slope – October 9 (1:00 – 3:00 PM)
      Watch the recording of the 10/09/2018 webinar
    3. Peaks and Plains – October 11 (10:00 AM – Noon)
      Watch the recording of the 10/11/2018 webinar
    4. Zoom meeting with other states following 2018 Forum
      Watch the recording of the 11/14/2018 webinar
      For further questions, you can contact the panelists at:
      » Mandy Hatfield, Oregon State University, Instructor, SNAP-Ed Manager
      » Kim Ingram, University of California, Academic Human Resource Analyst
      » Dr. John Wenzel, New Mexico State University, Interim Associate Department Head/ Extension Veterinarian
      » Emily Wilmes, University of Minnesota, Local Extension Educator