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Extension Update – August 10, 2017   arrow

On behalf of Bill Nobles:

Colorado State Fair is gearing up and I hope you have the opportunity to take part in some of the action.  For 4-H agents this is time to connect with fellow agents to discuss the positive and negative adventures over fair season.  Finding some time for re-energizing is probably a very good idea, but I want you all to keep in mind to report what you have accomplished as some are falling behind.  I would suggest when reporting to think about outputs, outcomes and stories of what you have accomplished.  There has been some great Extension work this year and we need to reflect that in the reporting system.  Enough said I want to thank you all for the great work you have done. Enjoy Pueblo!

New Staff Orientation Sept. 25-28

New staff orientation will be held on campus Sept. 25-28, beginning at noon on Monday. 4-H staff will stay through noon on Thursday, and all others will finish at noon on Wednesday. Please make sure all new staff in your offices plan to attend. 

Photographs for the strategic plan! We want your photos!

As we are finalizing the Extension strategic plan, we are making plans for a print version to be distributed broadly to stakeholders, partners, etc. Impactful photographs are known to extend the meaning of the text, as well as provide a visual roadmap that leads the reader through a document.

Your photographs can make the difference! Take some time to look through your photographic files, as well as when you might capture new images. Take another look at the strategic plan draft and consider what images come to your mind when you read the various sections. Photographs can portray geographic regions/landmarks, people interacting, the end result of one of our programs (healthy garden/landscape, technology in action, adult/child interaction, multi-generations, outdoor activities, nutrition and food safety, diversity in its many forms, etc.).

The minimum resolution needed to print or publish photographs is 300 pixels per inch for the purposes of photos to be considered for the strategic plan, be sure your camera or phone is capturing files at the highest resolution possible.

We will be providing a Dropbox link for you to upload your photos to; please don’t email them as emailing causes compression of photo files. For your phone you will have to connect the phone (camera) to a computer and download the files (many sharing applications available on phones down sample and compress the files).


Time of day makes a difference; if possible shoot early in the morning (before 10) or during the ‘golden hour’ (1-2 hours before sunset).

Use natural light (rather than a flash) whenever possible. Light coming in from a window, if inside, provides nice lighting.


When taking photos at events, classes, demonstrations, etc. always take a moment to check your background for any distracting items. Move around and take multiple shots to provide a range.

-Subject matter

Focus in on what is important to the subject at hand. Moving in closer to the subjects to capture facial expressions and body language can make for compelling visual messages.

John Eisele from CSU photography has put together a PowerPoint on tips; it’s online here: Taking Good Pictures (PowerPoint)

The deadline for submission is September 30. Prior to Forum this year we will screen for the ‘best of’ and have a ‘People’s Choice’ award contest.

CSU Benefits Fact Sheet

If you haven’t seen this, Sonjia Graham has modified this quick facts sheet about CSU benefits (after hearing from CSU HR). I have attached the document for your use.

TimeClock Plus

The whole University switched to this system for tracking various work times (Sick, Vacation, Time worked etc.) starting July 1. Please review Lori Bates’ previous email on how to use this software. If you’re still having issues don’t wait, contact Joan Jordan, Kellie Clark, Sonjia Graham and /or Lori Bates.  As with any new program there is a learning curve.

Professional Development Funds

Again this year, you can apply for professional development funds. To do so you request funds from your immediate supervisor. Once you have their approval it goes to your Regional Director for final approval.  Each Agent or Director can apply for a maximum of $750.  When making your request please state what and where you’re attending, the dates and the amount requested.  Funds are awarded on a first come, first used basis.  So, apply early if you are planning to attend something this fiscal year.

Peaks and Plains Region Positions Update and Retirements

Congratulations and Good Luck! to Dean Oatman and Deb Lester who will be retiring at the end of this month.  Hopefully you can catch them at State Fair or give them a call or text.

  • Interviews are August 20 and 21 for the Southeast Area Extension Agent, (4-H Youth Development), Prowers County, Lamar, CO position.
  • John Spring is the new agent in the Golden Plains Area (GPA) — Area Extension Agent, Agronomy/ Weed Science in Sedgwick County, Julesburg.
  • The SEA/Bent County FCS Agent is approved.
  • The SEA FCS position is under review.
  • The Logan County Ag/4-H Livestock position is under review.
  • The Custer County Director/Ag position is under review.
  • The GPA/Yuma County Livestock position is under review.
  • Range Specialist Position in Sterling Colorado is under review.

Pedal the Plains September 15th – 17th

Good Luck and have a safe trip!! to the 4-H Pedal the Plains Team.  This should be an opportunity to build some relationships with agents, colleagues, and 4-H supporters. The 3-Day Tour will take participants on a 177-mile adventure as they cycle through countryside woven together like a quilt stitched with golden, chocolate, and emerald patches. The route runs from Kersey to Keenesburg to Brush Colorado.

2017 Colorado County Agents Association Professional Improvement Conference

Watch for information in the near future on this conference which is to expand the knowledge base of Ag, Natural Resource and Food Systems educators in areas of sustainability in agriculture and food production.  This will be accomplished through lectures, tours and hands on demonstrations. They will discuss rotational grazing, riparian grazing issues, and public lands grazing issues. Agency participants invited from: USFS, BLM, State Land Board, and Colorado Parks Wildlife.

2017 CCAA Retreat/ Livestock and Range PRU Training
September 13-15
Stagecoach State Park,
Routt County

Natural Resources Folks: CPW biologists will be with us to explain ongoing efforts to make this the only self-sustaining, whirling-disease-resistant rainbow trout fishery in the state.

Colorado river

DAC Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the June 15, 2017 DAC meeting are now posted online at: