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Small Acreage (Furrow & Side Roll) Irrigation Assessment Tools   arrow

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The Small Acreage Irrigation Ambassador program: a Grand Valley success story.

Assessment programs for irrigation efficiency and uniformity on furrow (siphon tubes and gated pipe) and side-roll systems for small acreage owners.

Why evaluate small acreage irrigation? Primarily to identify where irrigation techniques could be improved to benefit the land manager’s agronomic enterprise. While much can be learned – to the benefit of the evaluator – from comparison of one small acreage manger’s irrigation management to another, the primary function of an evaluation is to facilitate the application of good irrigation water management (IWM). Most small acreage owners know some IWM but a well performed evaluation will help eliminate outstanding knowledge gaps. Some key results of interest to the land manager are reduced labor input and improved crop performance. It should be stressed that while obvious maintenance issues are outstanding an evaluation will not provide any new information; resolve the maintenance issues before evaluating.

Furrow Irrigation

Target Audience: Small Acreage Irrigators; usually with 1-40 acres of furrow or side-roll irrigation.

In cooperation with the Grand River Mosquito Control District, Mesa Conservation District, the Small Acreage Irrigation Audit program is available free to all small acreage irrigators in Mesa county in 2013. To set up an appointment or for more information contact Darrell Rule: or at (970) 270-2161.