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Extension Update – October 12, 2018   arrow

On behalf of the State Office:

WELD X Intern Applications due October 26

A reminder that WELD X Intern applications are due to Yvonne Bridgeman no later than October 26.

The Western Extension Leadership Development Program (WELD) is now accepting applications for WELD X.  The WELD Program coaches and assists participants in learning and applying leadership skills. Participants will  develop:

  • An awareness and appreciation of their own and others’ leadership styles and learn to apply appropriate techniques in working with diverse individuals.
  • Skills to enable themselves and others to develop, articulate, and implement organization/group direction.
  • Skills to enable the organization/group to effectively implement planned change.
  • Skills to enable others to work together effectively.

The WELD X Program will contain four sequential learning experiences:

  • A self-analysis activity and leadership inventory exercise to illustrate the dimensions of organizational leadership and the roles played by all of its members. Participants will begin thinking about and articulating elements of a personal plan for developing leadership skills. Pre-assessments will begin in early 2019.
  • An active WELD X Seminar 1 will be held in Oregon, dates TBA. The seminar will include topics such as: discussion and application of leadership inventory work, articulating vision and defining direction, motivating others to take action and facilitating change, working together through teams, effective communication, and initiation of an individual innovative project, working with a mentor, for skill application.
  • WELD X Seminar 2 will be held in May 2020 at a location to be determined. During Seminar 2, WELD participants present their innovative projects to the entire group, including the WELD X Planning Committee.
  • During WELD X Seminar 2, continued training sessions will be planned encompassing such topical areas as empowered leadership, essential facilitation skills, ethical decision making, conflict management, and other topics identified as useful by the WELD X participants themselves.

If you are selected to participate in WELD X, all costs will be covered by Extension Administration.  Once the selection process is complete, all applicants will be notified of the results.

If you would like additional, first-hand information on the WELD program, visit with one of Colorado’s previous WELD interns:  Bill Nobles, Irene Shonle,  Wendy Rice, Kurt Jones, Trent Hollister, Mark Platten, Gisele Jefferson, Connie Cecil, Travis Hoesli, Dan Schroder, or Tracy Trumper.

If you are interested in participating as one of Colorado’s interns in WELD X, please review the attached announcement and complete the attached application.

Office of Engagement “Fun Fact Friday” – Tabitha Tyree

The Office of Engagement’s social media is gaining steam and they want to promote Extension’s amazing work! They are starting a social media campaign called “Fun Fact Friday” when the Office would like to feature fun facts about Extension and Extension topic areas in each county/area/region or state-level. They are also looking for any other interesting opportunities to promote Extension’s work.

Tabitha Tyree, Administrative and Communication Specialist for the Office will be reaching out to Extension for ideas in the coming weeks. Please feel free to send her any content, pictures or social media contacts you feel would be interesting! Even ways to connect to your program/office social media pages are encouraged!  Email:

CSU Football Game on Friday, October 26

A reminder that due to the Friday night football game against Wyoming, campus parking lots must be cleared by 3:00 pm on Oct. 26, and employees are encouraged to not drive to campus that day.

JOE Special Issue on Innovation – Jan Carroll
JOE Cover
The Journal of Extension just published a new special issue on innovation. The special issue was developed in partnership with the ECOP Innovation Task Force and the eXtension Foundation. The articles offer a breath of fresh air and many good ideas to improve our program design and delivery efforts. Some of those good ideas are from our CSU colleagues, others from across the country. Don’t miss it! Read it at .  

Updates on Extension Staff Resources Webpage – Lori Bates

The Liability Release Form and the Liability Release Form Example have recently been updated. These are found on the Extension Staff Resources webpage under the Forms section/Program Forms heading. Please use the current version of the form.

The Benefits Summary has also been updated, found on Extension Staff Resources under Employee Resources section/Employment/Hiring Information heading.

TimeClock Plus (TCP) – Assigning Additional Supervisors – Lori Bates

TCP is now able to assign up to two additional supervisors to any monthly or bi-weekly employee. Additional supervisors, like a direct supervisor, will receive email notifications of leave requests, and be able to approve leave requests and hours worked in the absence of the employee’s direct supervisor.

See TimeClock Plus (TCP) Info Sheet for more information.

If you are interested in having an additional supervisor assigned to an employee in TCP, please email that information to your region’s program assistant:

Front Range Region – Sonjia Graham,
Peaks and Plains Region – Joan Jordan,
Western Region – Kellie Clark,
EFNEP – Cindy Standley,

Why Use the Guidebook Mobile App During Forum? – Darrin Goodman

Guidebook?  What’s that?  Why should I use it?

Guidebook is a mobile conference-related app (for your smart phone) that allows you to download and view all of the pertinent information related to Forum.  The two most useful features are that you can customize your very own schedule so that you only see the items that you wish to attend, and view addresses and maps of specific areas where you may need to go during the conference.  Additionally, there is a short post-conference survey built into Guidebook, as well as the option to check in (and see who else has checked in) and share photos.  This is a useful tool.  Once you have downloaded the app onto your iOS or Android device, you will be able to then download our latest Forum Guide for Guidebook.  Please find instructions and more information on our Guidebook page: