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2021 Issue Canvases

Issue Canvases are submitted by PRU Leaders for issues in which PRUs have medium- or long-term goals (such as behavior or condition change). Issue Canvases are intended to help PRU members clarify and communicate shared goals, ‘theories of change’ for how to achieve those goals, indicators of success (outcome indicators), and high-level plans for evaluation.

Issue PRU
Agricultural business sustainability Cropping Systems
Alternative cropping systems Cropping Systems
Business management for new & beginning farmers Food Systems
Capacity-building for community health Community Development
Community connectedness Community Development
Community health indicators Community Development
Cottage foods Food Systems
Cottage foods Nutrition, Food Safety, & Health
Diabetes management Nutrition, Food Safety, & Health
Diversity, equity, and inclusion Community Development
Drought Livestock & Range
Ecosystem sustainability Natural Resources
Emergency management Community Development
Emergency management for natural resources Natural Resources
Exceptional people, innovative practices 4-H
Extraordinary opportunities for youth learning 4-H
Family financial stability Individual, Family, & Community Well-Being
Food insecurity in low-income families Nutrition, Food Safety, & Health
Healthy aging (1) Individual, Family, & Community Well-Being
Healthy aging (2) Individual, Family, & Community Well-Being
Integrated pest management and horticultural diagnostics Environmental Horticulture
Pest management Cropping Systems
Pollinator education Environmental Horticulture
Power of youth 4-H
Ranch analysis and planning Livestock & Range
Regenerative agriculture Cropping Systems
Soil health Cropping Systems
Soil health Livestock & Range
Strengthening the meat value chain Food Systems
Sustainable landscape management Environmental Horticulture
Urban agriculture Environmental Horticulture
Youth access, equity, and opportunity 4-H